packaging machines IndiaFilpack CMS 5L

FILPACK Series is the next revolution to the milk packaging with heavy duty equipped machine that is accurate and high in speed. The series is equipped with fully mechanical machine with simple maintenance and friendly construction. The interface is upgraded with Touch Screen HMI panel and PLC that controls the heating element failure linked alarm generation and control mechanism. The machine occupies less installation floor space.

automatic packaging machine


Liquid Products : Milk, Flavoured Milk, Lassi, Butter Milk, Juice Drinks, Water etc.

Viscous Products : Edible oils, Vanaspati.

Pouch Formats

  • automatic packaging machinesCSPP Liquid

Technical Specification

Machine Liquid products                        Viscous products
Quantity 2000 ml to 5500 ml                   2000 ml to 5500 ml
Output 800 packs/hr.                            400 packs/hr.