sachet filling machinePV-215

High speed and flexible, the VFFS Multilane technology gives versatile packaging with user friendly interface making it easy to control temperature required for best sealing quality. Its PLC controlled machine PV -215 accommodates additional features at any stage. Its wrinkle free sealing quality is equipped with adjustable vertical sealers easily adaptable to package width changes. RV -165 is PLC based equipment with dual Axis Servo Driven rotary heat sealing dyes. Its simple panel mounted adjustment can accommodate pouch of any length.

sachet packaging machine


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Filling Device
Pharmaceutical Food & Non- Carbonated Beverages Cosmetic/Personal care Chemical
Positive Displacement Pump Filler Pastes, Cream Gel, Lotions (burn, Insect Bite) Ketchups, Sauces, Fruit Pulps, Toppings, Puree, Jam, Jelly, Yogurt, Salad Dressing and other Viscous Products, Mayonnaise Body Wash, Cream Rinse, Liquid Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner, Toothpaste, Gel, Lotions, Make Up Remover Liquid Detergent, Epoxy Grease, Lubricants, Oil, Sealants
Gravity Filler / Flow Meter Iodine Water, Liquor, Electrolytes, Energy Drinks Freeze Pops, Juice, Wine Fragrances, Iodine Hand Cleaner, Sanitizer, Glycol, Cleaning Liquids
Volumetric Slide Gate Cup Filler / Drum Filler Ors and Other Free Flowing and Granular Powders, Capsules, Tablets Refined Sugar, Drink Mixes, Condiments, Snacks, Sweeteners, Mouth Fresheners   Detergent Powder
Servo Auger Filler Free Flowing and Non-free Flowing Powders Milk Powder, Coffee Powder, Pre-mixes, Spices, Seasoning Powders   Free Flow & Non Free Flow Powders
Customized Filler Alcohol Pad, Wet Wipes Medical Devices, Syringes, Towellets and Wet Tissues Tubes and Vials Towellets and Wet Tissues Tubes and Vials

Pouch Formats

  • liquid packaging machine4 Side Seal
  • oil filling machine4 Side Seal with V Notch


Positive Displacement Pump, Gravity Filler, Auger Filler, Volumetric Cup Filler, Customized Filler For Special Products

Optional Accessories

  • Pouch Take-Up Conveyor
  • Embossing
  • Jacketed SS Product Supply Hopper
  • Finger Hole Punching / Euro Cut / Tear Notches
  • Check Weighing System
  • Metal Detector
  • Dye Cut Contour Shape Pouch*
  • Slitter & Perforator
  • Coders & Printers
  • Photo-electric Print Registration
  • Models are also available in complete SS construction to meet wash-down and Class 100 regulations

Technical Specification

Machine Prodo-Pak PV Series-215
Bagger Output 1000 pouches per min.
Quantity (Up to) 5g to 2.5kg