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 Pharmaceutical Packaging Machine

 Applications: Pastes, Cream Gel, Lotions ,Iodine, ORS, Capsules, Tablets, Alcohol Pad, Wet Wipes Medical Devices, Syringes, Nutraceuticals

Pharmaceutical Packaging Machine

Nichrome’s pharmaceutical packaging machine product line focuses on providing innovative Pharma packaging solutions that fulfill their tamper resistance requirements, packaging that doesn’t react with the pharmaceutical products, preventing leakage and other essential pharmaceutical safety requirements. NIchrome’s HFFS machine line offers cutting edge and easy to use sachet packaging solutions in exact dosage packaging of pharmaceutical powders like ORS.

 Multilane Series
  • sachet packaging machineRV-240
 HFFS Series
  • pouch filling machine T-110
  • packaging machines IndiaT-140
  • automatic packaging machineT-170 FE
  • automatic packaging machines T-170 SC
  • sachet packaging machineT-200
 VFFS Series
  • horizontal packaging machine Excel Plus Augar
  • packaging solutionsSprint Plus 250 Servo Augar
  • packaging machine manufacturers3 Side Seal
  • integrated packaging solutions4 side seal
  • innovative packaging solutions4 Side Seal with v-notch
  • shampoo filling machineContour Pack