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 Powder Packaging Machine

powder filling machine Applications: Spices, Atta ,Milk Powder, Coffee Powder, Premixes, Instant Mixes etc.

Powder Packaging Machine

Nichrome offers powder packaging machines that offer specific packaging solutions for the packaging of Detergent and chemical products. Horizontal packaging machines like the sprint cup and excel cup series take special precautions to ensure that containers are specifically selected so that chemicals wont react with them and become hazardous.

 VFFS Series
  • packaging machines India Excel Plus Augar
  • food packaging machinesSprint Plus 250 Servo Augar
  • food packaging machinesMaxima 400
 HFFS Series
  • food packaging machine T-110
  • automatic packaging machineT-140
  • horizontal packaging machineT-170 FE
  • packaging solutions T-170 SC
  • innovative packaging solutionsT-200
 Multilane Series
  • integrated packaging solutionsPV-215
  • integrated packaging solutionsRV-240
  • CSPP
  • Penta Seal
  • Gusset Pouch
  • 4 side seal
  • 3 Side Seal
  • Contour Pack
  • Stand-up Pack
  • Stand-up with Zipper