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System Solutions
 System Solutions
Nichrome Project Integration

Nichrome's expertise also extends to intelligent Project Integration Solutions. Nichrome offers a variety of Pre and Post Packaging equipments that provide a Complete System Solution. They can also be customized and fitted into existing packaging lines. Such Integrated System Solutions for pre and post packaging, definitely result in increased and timely productivity for a profitable business outcome.

Nichrome offers unmatched strengths for Project Integration:

  • Single source convenience
  • Decades of industry knowledge and experience
  • Indepth understanding of different product/industry verticals
  • Cover virtually all process steps of packaging taking care of product, output and regulations
  • Strong team of design engineers, software developers, technicians & field support staff who design & deliver entire, integrated packaging lines for specific needs
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 Pre-Packaging Solutions
  1. Intermediary storage equipment
  2. Product cleaning & grading equipment
  3. Blending equipment
  4. Processing equipment for grain, tea & spice sector
  5. Food safety equipment
  6. Conveying accessories
 Post-Packaging Solutions
  1. Food safety equipment
  2. Pouch collation
  3. Conveying accessories
  4. On line check weigher
  5. Cartoning/ baling
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