Pharmaceutical Packaging Machine

Nichrome brings in solutions through partnerships with various principals who offer wide experience and value added solutions with different technologies.

We take advantage of the know-how belonging to experts specializing in individual product lines, but also capable of sharing and cultivating such knowledge within a team.

Nichrome offers selective and cost-effective solutions, and consults to tailor solutions for specific installations.

Nichrome can offer various solutions for Granulation like High Shear Mixer. For tablets & capsules, we offer FBD, Tablet Compression Coating, Counting and Filling, Blister Packing, Bulk Packaging, Cartoning, etc.

For Injectable dosages, Nichrome brings in proven technology with cost-effective and sustainable solutions.

Nichrome has partnered with major suppliers of South East Asia and European leaders to bring the latest pharma solutions for India's pharma industry.