Filling and Capping

  • Large-capacity, wide-area filling available (100-1000ml)
  • Filling of an exact amount with the flow meter
  • Capacity: 40-60 bottles/min
  • Nitrogen filling available before filling or after filling
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KWT is able to offer a full range of industrial packing machines, including Filling Machines, Bottle Unscrambler, Leak Tester, Bottle Rinsers, Capping Machinery, Labeling Equipment, Induction Sealing Machines and so on.

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Nichrome brings in the leading edge solutions for secondary packaging for various industry segments like Food, Pharma, Personal Care, Confectionery, Beverages and other applications.

End to end solutions offered include – vertical cartoning, horizontal cartoning, overwrapping and bundling, Case Packing and Palletizing.

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