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 Ready-To-Eat Food Packaging Machine

 Applications: Palak Paneer, Dal Makhani, Butter Chicken, Biryani, Gravies, Matar Paneer, Punjabi Chole, Punjabi Kadhi, Rajma Masala

Ready-To-Eat Food Packaging Machine

Nichrome’s highly advanced variant of the Pick-Fill-Seal Machine with specially designed RTE fillers can be used to conveniently and quickly pack a wide variety of ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook foods (RTE foods).

This rotary filling and sealing machine enables 2 different fillers to dispense different types of ingredients in the same pouch, allowing for easy mixing of ingredients, through gentle handling and without damaging the ingredients.

This particular PFS Machine allows manufacturers of RTE foods to conveniently pack their perishable products, safely, in a wide variety of stand-up pouch formats, which can then be subjected to retort Packaging for longer shelf life.

The PFS Machine also provides a cost-effective integrated packaging solution because it is available with multiple filler options, which can be used for the packaging of items other than RTE foods.

The compact and small machine footprint also helps in saving space.

 HFFS Series
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