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Four Pillars of Innovation

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Expanding Domain Knowledge

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Pursuing New Ideas ahead of Market

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Improving Efficiency and Accuracy

At Nichrome, Innovation is a part of our DNA. Since our pioneering start in 1977, we have been continuously innovating new solutions and upgrading our offerings to solve industry challenges and deliver greater business value to our customers.

Our Innovation is founded on Expertise, Partnership, Forward-thinking and Technology. Supported and strengthened by these four pillars, we are perfectly poised to achieve new standards in performance, accuracy and solution development.

Latest Innovations

Case Studies

Instant food packaging

Puratos India

Instead of the conventional pillow pack to pack Puratos’ bakery ingredients, Nichrome partnered with Puratos and came up with the idea of an angular pack which makes cutting and pouring easy for the end-consumer.

Pharmaceutical packaging machines


When Godrej decided to launch handwash powder, an economical option to liquid handwash in India, they asked Nichrome to come up with suitable packaging. A Multilane Stickpack machine was developed to handle the moisture sensitive product, even though we were unable to simulate the airconditioned, humidity-controlled plant conditions. A repeat order confirmed success of our innovation!

Dairy & milk packaging machine


Nichrome came up with a small idea that has generated huge benefits for a leading dairy in Maharashtra! Nichrome suggested they reduce the size of their milk pouch by a few millimeters which made their pouch stand out among all the other milk pouches in the market. But more importantly, it meant that more pouches could be fitted in a typical crate. This has resulted in substantial savings in logistics costs for the client.