Automatic bulk bag packing filling machine

Automatic bulk bag packing filling machine

Packaging Systems

Bulk Bag Filling

The new BULK PACKING MACHINE from Nichrome is designed for packing large bags of 5 to 50 kgs. The bags could be HDPE woven, PP, paper or valve type. It is ideally suited for products such as rice, sugar, grains, pulses, flour, cake mix, cement and agro-chemical granules.

The PLC-controlled machine delivers output rates up to 20 bags per minute, and has a special 'no bag no filling' safety device. Other features include auto bag clamping, bulk and dribble feed, and bag tilting & alignment attachment with option of bag stitching or band sealing.


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Automatic filling machine manufacturers


Automatic filling machine manufacturers


Automatic filling machine manufacturers

Valve Type

Technical Specifications

Filler Type/ Filling System


  • Twin Screw Filler
  • 3 Position Gate Filler
  • Cut Gate Filler

Fill Range

5kg – 50kg ; 100kg – 1ton

Filling Heads

1-4 heads

Line Speed

Upto20 bpm

Supply Voltage

415 V AC 3 Phase 50 Hz

Bag Type

HDPE Bag, Woven Sack, PVC Bag, BOPP

Product Contact MOC

MS, SS304, SS316, SS316L

Allied Equipment

  • Band Sealing
  • Stitching Machine

End-to-End Solutions

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