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Bulk Bag Filling

The new BULK PACKING MACHINE from Nichrome is designed for packing large bags of 5 to 50 kgs. The bags could be HDPE woven, PP, paper or valve type. It is ideally suited for products such as rice, sugar, grains, pulses, flour, cake mix, cement and agro-chemical granules.

The PLC-controlled machine delivers output rates up to 20 bags per minute, and has a special 'no bag no filling' safety device. Other features include auto bag clamping, bulk and dribble feed, and bag tilting & alignment attachment with option of bag stitching or band sealing.


Grains packaging machine


Powder packaging machine


PFS packaging machine

Agro-chemical granules


Powder packaging machine


Automatic filling machine manufacturers


Automatic filling machine manufacturers


Automatic filling machine manufacturers

Valve Type

Technical Specifications

Filler Type/ Filling System


  • Twin Screw Filler
  • 3 Position Gate Filler
  • Cut Gate Filler

Fill Range

5kg – 50kg ; 100kg – 1ton

Filling Heads

1-4 heads

Line Speed

Upto20 bpm

Supply Voltage

415 V AC 3 Phase 50 Hz

Bag Type

HDPE Bag, Woven Sack, PVC Bag, BOPP

Product Contact MOC

MS, SS304, SS316, SS316L

Allied Equipment

  • Band Sealing
  • Stitching Machine

End-to-End Solutions

Bulk Bag filling machine manufacturers