horizontal flow wrap machine manufacturer india

horizontal flow wrap machine manufacturer india

Packaging Systems

Flexiwrap 700: Flow Wrap Machine

With the Flexiwrap 700, secondary CSPP Flow-wrapped pouches are formed for a wide range of layflat widths, upto 700mm.

Operation is as follows:

  • Manual Product Feeding in to specialized conveyor
  • Automatic flow wrapping


  • Intermittent motion
  • Material of construction for contact parts in SS 304
  • Quick change-over friendly design for use of different forming size parts
  • Facility to store different recipe for change overs thru PLC program
  • Center seal and center conveyor driven by servo Motor
  • Side seal driven by pneumatic cylinder
  • Compatible with Laminate (BOPP/PPE)
  • Speed Upto 60ppm (can vary depending on pouch length)


Food packaging machine


Pharma packaging machine


Cosmetic packaging machine


Agro Chemicals packaging machine

Agro Chemicals

Electronics packaging machine


Personal Care packaging machine

Personal Care


flow wrap machine manufacturer

Center seal pillow pouch

Technical Specifications

Working Principle

  • Product is fed onto input conveyor (manual / automatic feeding)
  • Product is packed in flow wrap machine is CSPP format

Feeding System

  • Manual Feeding
  • Automatic Feeding


40 bags/min

Pouch Format

Centre seal pillow pouch (CSPP)

Pouch Width (Min-Max)

Min. 100mm -Max 230mm

Pouch Length (Min Max)

Min. 100mm -Max 350mm (*length can be customized)

Pouch Height (Min-Max)

Min. 8mm - Max 150mm

Roll Width (Min Max)

Min. 350mm -Max 700mm

Film Material

Laminate (BOPP/PPE)

Product Contact MOC

SS304, SS316, SS316L

Allied Equipment

  • Printing
  • Labelling
  • Check Weighing
  • HDPE Bag filling
  • Palletising
  • Overwrapping/ Stretch Banding/ Shrink Wrapping

End-to-End Solutions

horizontal flow wrap machine manufacturer india