Pick Fill Seal Machine

Get the combined benefits of variety, productivity and specialty packaging for ready-to-eat foods with Nichrome’s Pick-Fill-Seal machine. Using versatile Rotary technology, the machine conveniently packs a wide variety of ready-to-eat foods in eye-catching innovative shapes while maintaining freshness of the products. The machine is sturdy and compact, easy to clean and maintain.

An advanced variant of packaging technology innovated by Nichrome enables 2 or 3 different fillers to dispense multiple types of ingredients in the same pouch.


Other gravies, Instant mixes, Namkeen, Nutraceuticals

Palak Paneer

Liquid Yogurt

Gulab Jamun

Butter Chicken



3 Side Seal


4 Side Seal


Stand-up Pack


Stand-up with Zipper


Doy Pack with side spout

Technical Specifications

Rated (Bagger) Output (max. upto)

150 packs per min.

Rated System Output (Bagger+Filler)

Upto 120 packs per min.


Max. Upto 1700 cc by volume

Packaging Material

Heat Sealable Laminate

Min. Pouch Size (WxL) mm (approx.)

70 mm x 80 mm

Max. Pouch Size (WxL) mm (approx.)

200 mm x 300 mm