Dairy products packaging machine

VFFS Series

Filpack CMS 5L

FILPACK CMS 5L is another high-speed member of the FILPACK Series. It is a more versatile machine, packaging both liquids and viscous products with a pneumatic filling system for better filling consistency. FILPACK CMS 5L fills and seals pouches of larger quantities - up to 5500 ml in CSPP format.

Liquids are packed at a speed of 800 pouches/hour, while viscous products are packed at 400 pouches/hour.

A robust, MS-painted fabricated body, enclosed SS cabinet and SS 304 product contact parts ensure hygienic, maintenance-friendly operations.


  • Liquid Products: Juice Drinks, Water, etc.
  • Viscous Products: Edible oils, Vanaspati.
milk packaging machine


milk packing machine

Flavored Milk

Milk products packaging machine


Dairy & milk packaging machine

Butter Milk


Milk packing machine

CSPP Liquid for 1 Ltr

Milk filling machine

CSPP Liquid for 500ml

Technical Specifications

Liquid products

Viscous products


2000 ml to 5500 ml

2000 ml to 5500 ml


800 packs/hr.

400 packs/hr.