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About Nichrome

Nichrome is a renowned Packaging Machines Manufacturer of India. Although the company commenced its journey in 1948, it plunged into packaging sector in 1977. Today, the company incorporates 40 years of experience in providing packaging solutions to a wide array of industries and applications. Nichrome’s versatile, high quality and flexible range of machines have won the trust of many established brands in the market.

Nichrome provides complete support to customers, from consultation and customized machine development to production of packaging machine, complemented with extensive after sales service. High production rates, maximum accuracy and consistent pouch quality as per client’s requirement are hallmarks of Nichrome packaging solutions.

The company is based in Pune which operates in sync with its other 8 offices across the country. On a global scale, Nichrome has presence in around 45 countries with 7000+ successful installations. A pioneer of Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines and Aseptic Pouch Packing Systems, the company aims to become a premium global brand offering end-to-end integrated packaging solutions.