5 Ways Your Automatic Pouch Packaging Machine Will Deliver the Best ROI

Automatic Pouch Packaging Machine

Modern packaging is essential for the growth and success of your product. We all know that automatic pouch packaging machine not only protects your product as it travels from factory to home, but it also adds value to your brand and helps to grab attention on crowded retail shelves.

So you’re investing in new packaging equipment that involves huge cost. How will you ensure the best ROI and realise the potential profits? Here are 5 ways:

1. Save on expensive labour costs

Manual labour costs a packet! And it’s getting more expensive every day. What’s more, humans are liable to make mistakes. Wastage, spills, inaccuracy, poor repeatability – the right packaging machine can eliminate such errors. And you can reassign your staff to more value-added activities.

However, before you start calculating the savings on labour cost, make sure the machine you buy does not require expensive technical staff to keep it running. Get an automatic packaging machine that is well designed, simple to operate and maintenance-friendly.

2. Enjoy better production in smaller space

Consider a VFFS packaging machine with a small footprint so you save valuable production space. Vertical form fill seal (VFFS) machines usually deliver high accuracy and excellent throughput and have a compact design – thereby making your floor space more productive, thus increasing ROI.

3. Handle new materials & packaging formats

To hold your own in the consumer market, you need to offer your product in innovative pouches. New formats, different sizes – the contemporary consumer demands a variety of SKUs. What is more, packaging material keeps evolving, and only an automated packaging system can handle such changes and developments. 

4. Ensure less downtime

Downtime, whether planned or unplanned, is something no packager can afford. It delays processes and eats into profits.

Buying a durable machine with proven credentials is one way of ensuring minimum downtime. Another way is to go for a machine that offers quick and easy tool-less changeovers. The other solution is to have a preventive maintenance contract and keep high-wear parts in stock to avoid downtime caused by breakdowns and technical faults.

5. Cater to growing demand

Your product is growing. There is more demand and you may even want to venture into new markets and territories. Your old packaging equipment just cannot keep up. Automated packaging solutions can help you respond quickly to increase in demand and will enable you to pursue your ambitious growth plans.


Your packaging equipment is a big investment; one that should serve you for years. So you need to find an automatic packaging machine manufacturer who will take the time and effort to understand your needs, plans and challenges, and provide a suitable solution. Someone who believes in building long-term relationships and will support you well even after the sale is made.

A good, customer-centric packaging solution provider would have sound experience and expertise; in-house engineering to customise machines; comprehensive post-sales training, service and maintenance programmes; ready stock of spares. They should also ensure personalised service and fast turn-around times.

Talk to Nichrome. For four decades, Nichrome has been innovating, customising and delivering vertical form fill seal machines (VFFS) and horizontal form fill seal machines (HFFS) that cater to a whole gamut of applications. Powder filling machines, oil pouch packing machines and automatic pouch packaging machine for grains, liquids and viscous products in Food, Pharma and other industries – Nichrome’s portfolio includes an innovative packaging solution for all. And each one ensures excellent performance, durability and ROI.

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