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Food grains are a rich source of life-sustaining nutrients. Excellent carbohydrate sources, they also provide protein, fats, vitamins and minerals. In India, rice is the predominant dietary staple, followed by wheat, maize, millet and sorghum. Although grains/cereals are annual crops, their consumption is throughout the year. This means that storage methods and packaging play an important role […]




Importance of Right Packaging for FMCG Products

It’s an accepted fact that people judge by outward appearance, and nowhere is this more true that on the retail shelf. When it comes to buying behaviour in FMCG goods, consumers assess a product by its packaging. After all, it’s the customer’s first interaction with the product. It is the first thing she sees and touches. Most[…]

Katraj Dairy Expo



Meet Us At Katraj Dairy Expo 2019

From 14-16 Dec 2019, Nichrome India will be attracting eyeballs and footfalls at Katraj Dairy Expo on Pune-Satara Road, Pune. As India’s leading provider of integrated packaging solutions based in Pune, Nichrome is a regular participant at the annual Katraj Dairy Expo. Nichrome’s expertise in dairy packaging is historic – they designed and manufactured India’s first indigenous[…]

Choosing the Right Packaging for Your Product



Choosing the Right Packaging for Your Product

Packaging plays a crucial role in marketing. It determines whether you attract customers or not, and therefore, has a direct impact on your sales. When choosing the right packaging for your product, consider the types of packaging materials available in the market. Types of packaging material The options include: Flexible materials Flexible plastic comes in many forms,[…]