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Nichrome Vertipack 320 for cost-efficient Pulses Packaging

In India, increasing population and growing use in the food processing industry are driving continuous growth in the pulses market. Pulses are a staple of the Indian diet, especially for a significant section of India’s population which is vegetarian and relies on pulses for its source of protein. There is also a revived interest in pulses as […]

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Dairy Packaging Solutions by Nichrome

Since Nichrome innovated the first indigenous milk pouch packaging machine in the 1970s, the company has been growing its expertise and developing technology for milk and dairy packaging. Today, as India’s leading integrated packaging solutions provider, Nichrome offers the fastest milk packaging machine besides many other automated dairy packaging solutions for liquid, powder and viscous products in[…]

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Food grains are a rich source of life-sustaining nutrients. Excellent carbohydrate sources, they also provide protein, fats, vitamins and minerals. In India, rice is the predominant dietary staple, followed by wheat, maize, millet and sorghum. Although grains/cereals are annual crops, their consumption is throughout the year. This means that storage methods and packaging play an important role[…]

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Pharma packaging solutions for capsules by Nichrome

Nichrome, India’s leading provider of integrated packaging solutions, now presents the latest technology for capsule products in the pharmaceutical and health food industries. Right from high-speed feeding and counting systems to bottle and blister packaging, right through to secondary packaging – Nichrome offers individual automated packing machines and end-to-end integrated packaging lines to fulfill every requirement. Nichrome[…]

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Nichrome presents Keum Sung solutions for tablet/capsule production in India

Keum Sung Machinery Co., Ltd. has dedicated 35 years of history to Korean pharmaceutical industry as a pioneer of rotary tablet press, Capsule Fillers and other processing machines such as high speed mixer/granulator, tablet coating machine etc.  There are multiple installations of Keum Sung rotary tablet presses across East Asian part of the world.It is sure our[…]

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Nichrome Brings One of the Leading Tablet Tooling Manufacturer – Yener to India

As India’s leading integrated packaging solutions provider for Food, Pharma & Others, and Nichrome continuously strives to offer the latest, most sustainable and reliable technology for Indian industry. Nichrome’s current thrust is on developing and introducing top-notch solutions for the Pharmaceutical industry – for both OEMs and customers. Nichrome has recently signed a partnership agreement with Yener[…]

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Nichrome Innovates RLO to Reduce use of Plastic save the Environment

Nichrome India is India’s leading provider of integrated packaging solutions. A pioneer and market leader in flexible packaging machines for diverse applications, Nichrome is a company passionate about innovation to meet industry challenges, improve productivity and sustainability in packaging operations. As a company that uses plastic for packaging, Nichrome is aware and concerned about the need to[…]