Grains & Seeds Packaging Machine




Food grains are a rich source of life-sustaining nutrients. Excellent carbohydrate sources, they also provide protein, fats, vitamins and minerals. In India, rice is the predominant dietary staple, followed by wheat, maize, millet and sorghum. Although grains/cereals are annual crops, their consumption is throughout the year. This means that storage methods and packaging play an important role […]

Pharma packaging solutions for capsules



Pharma packaging solutions for capsules by Nichrome

Nichrome, India’s leading provider of integrated packaging solutions, now presents the latest technology for capsule products in the pharmaceutical and health food industries. Right from high-speed feeding and counting systems to bottle and blister packaging, right through to secondary packaging – Nichrome offers individual automated packing machines and end-to-end integrated packaging lines to fulfill every requirement. Nichrome[…]

Why Your Business Should Consider Environmentally Friendly Packaging



Why Your Business Should Consider Environmentally Friendly Packaging

The environmental crisis is very real. And it impacts each one of us. Climate change, deforestation, plastic pollution, carbon emissions – these environmental issues are making it imperative for companies to think eco-friendly, go green. What’s more, they’re giving rise to ‘conscious consumerism’ which is a growing trend these days. Consumers are more aware of what they[…]

Bottle Filling Machines



Bottle Filling Machines: a Growing Market

Across the world, bottles account for one-third of the world’s rigid packaging market. Bottles have always been preferred for consumable and industrial liquids and their use is expected to grow despite increasing shift to flexible packaging. Bottle filling machines are available primarily in automatic and semiautomatic versions, however some manufacturers are using custom filling & packaging systems[…]

Automated Packaging Systems



Maximise Output, Minimise Waste with Nichrome’s Automated Packaging Systems

It’s a widely accepted fact that if you want to improve your business today and be positioned for growth in the future, you have to invest in automated packaging systems solutions. Whether you manufacture food & beverage products or pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or personal care products, the quality of your packaging impacts customer satisfaction and ultimately, sales. Why[…]

Automatic Bottle Filling Line



Reasons to Use Nichrome’s Automatic Bottle Filling Line for Liquids

Bottles, bottles, bottles. Everywhere we look, we’re surrounded by bottles. In different sizes, shapes and materials. Whether it is bottles of food & beverage liquids such as flavoured milk, energy drinks, water & buttermilk; viscous foods such as ghee, chocolate sauce & ketchup; or non-food products such as oil, liquid detergent, shampoo & handwash, bottles are part[…]

Signs Your Packaging Operation is Ready for Automation



Signs Your Packaging Operation is Ready for Automation

Is your food packaging line largely dependent on manual labour? Are you finding it difficult to keep pace with increasing production? Having issues with labour and cost of packaging? Planning to expand your product range but doubt your current setup can handle it? Automated Packaging Systems can make a difference. Let’s run through some of the most[…]

Packaging Systems to Enhance Productivity Nichrome



Packaging Systems to Enhance Productivity

For 4 decades, Nichrome has pioneered and led the flexible packaging industry in India. As leading primary packaging machine manufacturer, Nichrome’s expertise today spans design & development, manufacture, testing, installation and commissioning.  For projects big and small, for Food, Pharma & Other applications, Nichrome partners through the complete life cycle, innovating and integrating solutions that elevate productivity[…]

Automatic Packaging Machines



5 Reasons To Automate Your Packaging Line

Whether you are an established manufacturing business or a young and growing one, you want to be an efficient and productive enterprise. You want to be a company in tune with the times, meeting and exceeding your consumer’s expectations, growing your profits as you build a stronger brand. Packaging plays a crucial role in your business, and[…]