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Food grains are a rich source of life-sustaining nutrients. Excellent carbohydrate sources, they also provide protein, fats, vitamins and minerals. In India, rice is the predominant dietary staple, followed by wheat, maize, millet and sorghum.

Although grains/cereals are annual crops, their consumption is throughout the year. This means that storage methods and packaging play an important role in storage stability. Qualitative and quantitative losses due to insects & rodents, pilferage, microbial spoilage, high humidity, heat – all these factors adversely affect food grains.

While appropriate bulk packaging is critical for storage, retail packaging is key to successful marketing. It goes beyond visual appeal, convenience and accuracy in unit quantity, and ease of opening. The contents of the bag have to be protected against contamination, infestation, moisture and oxygen. Moreover, as bulk density of these products is high, packaging material needs to have good impact strength, tensile strength and puncture resistance for working on FFS machines.

For up to 10Kg unit packs, LDPE and LLDPE are the most commonly used materials. To protect special varieties like basmati rice and flours from flavour loss and rancidity, flavour barrier materials such as reverse printed polyester laminated to LDPE, and oxygen barrier film are used. Technologies such as CO2 flush packaging and vacuum packaging also help to extend shelf life.

Nichrome Grain Packaging Solutions
Nichrome offers a wide range of automated packaging machines, filling systems and integrated packaging solutions for your grain and seed packaging needs. Food Packaging Machines like those in Nichrome’s Excel Plus series, equipped with modern technology offer innovative packaging solutions that follow stringent packaging quality standards for a wide range of products.

Excel 400 Plus Intelligent Electronic Weigh Filler/Cup Filler: A VFFS packaging machine for grains, pulses, sugar, seeds, whole spices and tea, Excel 400 packs pouches of up to 10 kgs at 80 packs per minute. Pouch formats include the Pentaseal & Pentaseal with D cut, Gusset Pouch, CSPP and 4 Line Seal Pouch.

Key features include print mark scanners, servo motor driven bag length control system, and adjustable stroke of cross sealing jaws for optimum performance. It is designed as per stringent quality standards, and can be easily integrated to upstream or downstream machines/systems.

A range of fillers makes the EXCEL PLUS series a truly versatile packaging solution for powders, granules, grains, snacks, etc.

Sprint 250 Plus Intelligent Electronic Weigh Filler: For pouch quantities up to 2 Kgs, Nichrome’s Sprint 250 Plus series offers speed, accuracy and efficiency for flexible packaging of a wide variety of grains, powders, snacks, etc.

Sprint 250 Plus is an automated machine with CE marked PLC and touch screen HMI. Its servo motor driven sealing system can effectively seal with pressure levels maintained. It is programmed to pull the exact length of film required for packaging, and offers a perforation system to deliver a chain of small pouches.

Sprint 250 Plus packs up to 2 Kg pouches at speed of 120 packs per minute. Pouch formats include the CSPP and Gusset Pouch.

Wing 200 E-Line Snack Pack: This automated packaging machine is a Nichrome innovation for startups and small-medium enterprises. It offers all the technology and expertise in a compact, affordable format. It packs at a maximum speed of 80 CSPP pouches per minute. Besides grains, pulses and sugar, Wing 200 E-Line is ideal for SMEs in snacks, biscuits, pasta, dry fruits, etc.

Nichrome also offers integration of primary packaging machines into existing lines and secondary packaging solutions such as stacking & wrapping, bulk packing, HDPE bag filling, etc. For end-to-end integrated systems, Nichrome partners with customers to design, install and commission solutions tailored for specific needs.

Packaging for grains, cereals and sugar is vital for storage, handling, display and preservation of the product. As these are essential commodities and staples of our daily diet, packaging must fulfill all its functions at the lowest possible cost to minimize losses and curtail retail price.

Nichrome is your go-to partner for a wide range of automated packaging solutions for grain packaging that promises safety, speed, accuracy and efficiency for best business outcomes.

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