Oil Packaging Machine

Carrying Quality from Factory to User: Nichrome Oil Pouch Packaging

Across the oil industry, whether it is edible oil or engine oil, manufacturers are always on the lookout for better, more cost-effective packaging solutions.

Today, many lubricant and motor oil companies have shifted from rigid HDPE bottles to flexible pouches that provide superior burst and seal strengths. The pouches also offer novel design opportunities in terms of closures, spouts, handles and graphics.

Moreover, pouches are lightweight, enabling ‘last mile reach’ with dramatic cost reductions in freight. Less trucks used translate into significant reduction in fuel consumption, road emissions, fleet maintenance and operation costs. Flexible packaging also provides a more compact shelf footprint versus plastic bottles.

These advantages hold true for edible oil packaging as well, especially for retail packs of 500 ml, 1000 ml or 2000 ml. In recent years, with rising income levels & health consciousness, the edible oil industry has witnessed a greater preference for packaged and branded oil. Import of premium oils such as olive oil and canola oil has increased with growing consumption, while oil companies introduce fortified oils to cater to the health aspect that’s top of mind for many consumers.


For the product:

  • safety and hygiene
  • freshness maintained
  • beats seasonality

For the package:

  • shelf appeal
  • smaller shelf footprint
  • lightweight
  • convenient size

For the distribution:

  • low wastage
  • wider reach
  • lower transportation costs

For the marketing:

  • better branding
  • greater visibility
  • convenience
  • assurance of quality


Nichrome offers the fastest oil packaging solutions ensuring timely delivery of oil by providing higher speed, accuracy and control. The range includes:

Filpack Servo SMD

For packaging oil and other viscous products such as ghee, ketchup, fruit pulp, mayonnaise, curry pastes, and even grease, paint, adhesives, etc., Filpack Servo SMD spells peace of mind.

Filpack Servo SMD is a durable, heavy-duty performer, with touch screen HMI panel and PLC that controls operations. It occupies less floor space and has an enclosed SS cabinet for hygienic operation.

Filpack Servo SMD comes with twin head construction with independent head operation so you can pack two different products and quantities simultaneously.

This oil filling machine packs in CSPP pouches of 5-layer film at speeds of 70-85 packs per minute, depending on the pack size.

Multilane Stickpack with Multi-Piston Filler

Nichrome’s Multilane Stickpack with Multi-Piston Filler is a stick pack pouch packaging machine especially innovated for packing liquids and viscous products in single-serve stick packs. Targetted for the travel and hospitality industries, the small, on-the-go pouch format provides convenience and reduces wastage.

For packaging edible oil, salad dressing, and other viscous products such as honey, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard paste, jam, shampoo, etc., Nichrome’s Stickpack oil packaging machine offers a stainless steel structure, pneumatically operated piston filler and longitudinal & cross-sealing jaw assemblies suitable for laminates. A CE certified PLC controller makes it easy to operate.


Because of the increasing awareness of food safety and healthy lifestyle practices, Indian consumers are shifting from traditional “loose oil” sold at local grocery stores, to packaged oils. This trend has led to the packaged segment of edible oils to grow at 2.5 times the rate of overall edible oil consumption in India.

The use of coextruded flexible pouches in edible oil packaging has made it possible for organized brand owners to penetrate rural markets with smaller, more affordable SKUs. This has allowed manufacturers to pass on price reductions to consumers when compared to the traditional oil packaging of tin cans or HDPE bottles.

If you are looking for a high-speed oil packaging machine, whether for edible oils or automotive oils, Nichrome has the product range and expertise to deliver the most relevant, cost-effective automated packaging solution. Nichrome is India’s leading packaging machine manufacturer with over four decades of industry knowledge and proven expertise to its name.

Besides the two cooking oil packing machines described above, Nichrome has other multilane and HFFS machines for all oil and related applications including ghee packing, vanaspati packing, engine oil packing, etc.