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Dairy Packaging Solutions by Nichrome

Since Nichrome innovated the first indigenous milk pouch packaging machine in the 1970s, the company has been growing its expertise and developing technology for milk and dairy packaging. Today, as India’s leading integrated packaging solutions provider, Nichrome offers the fastest milk packaging machine besides many other automated dairy packaging solutions for liquid, powder and viscous products in the dairy industry.

Nichrome’s VFFS Machines for Dairy packaging

Nichrome’s Filpack Series present trendsetting technology for milk and dairy packaging. The Filpack Servo 12K is the fastest milk pouch packaging machine, with a speed of 12,000 packs/hour. It can pack CSPP pouches of 200 ml, 500 ml and 1000 ml with equal ease and accuracy.

The Filpack Servo 6K delivers accurate and well-sealed CSPP pouches at a speed of 6000 packs/hour. Applications include milk, flavoured milk, lassi, buttermilk, curd.

The Filpack series also includes:

Filpack CMS 5L
It is a more versatile machine, packaging both liquids and viscous products with a pneumatic filling system for better filling consistency. Filpack CMS 5L fills and seals pouches of larger quantities – up to 5500 ml in CSPP format.

Liquids are packed at a speed of 800 pouches/hour, while viscous products are packed at 400 pouches/hour.

Filpack CMD Alpha
Another efficient packaging solution for milk and other liquids. Built substantially shorter than conventional machines, it also occupies less floor space as no side opening is required.

The impulse seal system is controlled through solid state control technology, and there is a specially designed film roll unwinding mechanism for smooth bag pulling.

Filpack CMD Alpha offers twin heads so you can pack two different products at the same time. You can even conduct maintenance on one track while the other is in operation.

Filpack Servo Universal
The nextgen solution for dairy packaging. A high speed, versatile performer, Filpack Servo Universal serves multiple applications in both free flowing liquid (milk, buttermilk, etc.) and viscous (cream, ghee, kefir, etc.).

Pack quantity ranges from 200 ml to 1000 ml, and output speed goes up to 5000 packs per hour.

Filpack Servo Universal is also available in a Double Head Combo Filler model which enables customers to fill viscous products on one head and liquid on the other.

All Filpack packaging machines are heavy duty performers with simple maintenance-friendly construction. They are built for hygiene with product contact parts of SS304 stainless steel and a UV film sterilisation system for the packaging material.

Optional accessories include insulated balance tanks for energy saving, SCADA system, automatic CIP system, automatic pouch counting & crating systems, and more.

In VFFS packaging machines, Nichrome also offers the multi lane PV-215. For a wide range of applications, PV-215’s intermittent motion technology ensures efficient sealing with a bagger speed of 1000 pouches per minute.

Nichrome’s HFFS Series

Nichrome’s HFFS packaging machines bring new generation, linear technology from Totpack, Spain. The Totpack Series is versatile, and can be used for packing a wide range of dairy powders, liquids and viscous products such as ghee using different fillers. The Series also offers a range of pouch formats with superior pouch aesthetics.

The HFFS machines are PLC based machines with touch screen interface. The compact and versatile design offers both single and perforated chain of pouches with quick and easy changeover. Well designed duplex modules are available for higher outputs.

Nichrome’s current HFFS machines range includes T110, T140 and T170.

Nichrome’s Bottle & Tin Packaging

Nichrome has recently expanded its offerings beyond pouch packaging to bottle packaging and tin packaging. Nichrome offers an efficient integrated system for bottle filling and packaging that covers a turntable, UV sterilisation chamber, automatic liquid filling machine, cap feeding elevator, rotary capping machine, induction sealer, labeling machine, date & batch coding system, and packing table.

SKUs range from 100 ml to 20 ltrs. Applications include a wide range of food & beverage liquids such as flavoured milk & buttermilk; viscous products such as ghee, chocolate sauce and more.

Nichrome’s tin filling line is a sturdy, low-maintenance system made for accurate and efficient performance. The PLC-controlled line has a digital LCD touch screen displaying settings, and safety enclosures with interlocks for rotary parts.

Machine construction is available in SS3014, SS316 and MS painted material. Various tin sterilisation and cleaning options are available. Applications include milk powder, dairy-based health drink powders, baby food, etc.

For the most innovative packaging solutions and customized packaging systems for your specific needs in the dairy business, connect with Nichrome.