Pharma packaging solutions for capsules

Pharma packaging solutions for capsules by Nichrome

Nichrome, India’s leading provider of integrated packaging solutions, now presents the latest technology for capsule products in the pharmaceutical and health food industries.

Right from high-speed feeding and counting systems to bottle and blister packaging, right through to secondary packaging – Nichrome offers individual automated packing machines and end-to-end integrated packaging lines to fulfill every requirement.

Nichrome has tied up with international majors like Keumsung Machinery Co. Ltd., and Blistech Co., Ltd. of Korea to bring their cutting edge technology for capsule packaging to India.

The range of pharma packaging solutions from Keumsung includes a Hard Capsule Filling Machine
that simultaneously fills powder, pellets and tablets into hard capsules. The low-noise, low-vibration machine is controlled by a convenient, touch-screen based operation panel. The machine automatically rejects un-separated capsules and offers easy size changeover with interchangeable size parts.

Keumsung also offers high-speed Counting & Feeding systems that cover Bottle Filling, Capping & Labeling systems, Dessicant and leaflet insertion, besides Integrated lines.

From Blistech, Nichrome presents a heavy-duty machine Blister packaging machine with PLC control system for capsule packaging.

The main features of this machine are:

  • Inverter motor driving
  • safety interlock system
  • built-in water cooling system
  • forming station with easy change mold for deep forming
  • sealing station with lift-up (1″) system for product protection
  • slitting or perforation station
  • draw-off station with easy clamping & adjust indexing
  •  product feeding by vibration and feed roller
  • camera vision or mechanical fill checking system
  • waste disposal by waste winder or chopper method

Nichrome has over 4 decades of experience and expertise in packaging, and is continuously innovating and collaborating to improve efficiency and sustainability of packaging machines, filling systems and integrated packaging systems for Food, Pharma and other applications.

Nichrome partners with pharma companies to customize innovative packaging solutions to suit individual product and process needs, optimizing cost and functionality for best business outcomes. For your capsule packaging requirements, contact Nichrome today.