Nichrome presents Keum Sung solutions for tablet/capsule production in India

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Keum Sung Machinery Co., Ltd. has dedicated 35 years of history to Korean pharmaceutical industry as a pioneer of rotary tablet press, Capsule Fillers and other processing machines such as high speed mixer/granulator, tablet coating machine etc.  There are multiple installations of Keum Sung rotary tablet presses across East Asian part of the world.It is sure our pride.

Keum Sung has expertise in building heavy duty tablet presses up to 50 tons of load capacity for chemical and semi-conductor industry in Korea. This knowhow and technology of metallurgy, frame work, drive system design, powder feeding devices etc. adds to the quality and durability of Keum Sung’s solutions for the pharma industry.

Nichrome, India’s leading provider of integrated packaging solutions has joined hands with Keum Sung to bring their leading technologies to benefit the Indian pharma industry. Some of Keum Sung’s Oral Solid Dosage solutions include:

Auto Coater

The auto tablet coating machine delivers perfect flat coating on tablets in an airtight chamber.The machine can provide film, aqua and sugar coating, and uses an HVLP spray gun with high transfer efficiency that reduces loss of coating solution.

Hard Capsule Filling Machine

The machine simultaneously fills powder, pellets and tablets into hard capsules. The low-noise, low-vibration machine is controlled by a convenient, touch-screen based operation panel. The machine automatically rejects un-separated capsules and offers easy size changeover with interchangeable size parts.

Rotary Tablet Press Machine

Keum Sung manufactures a range of large and compact rotary tablet press machines to suit individual requirements. The molded frame structure ensures low vibration and better stability to the machine. The AWC automatically adjusts the filling depth and can reject faulty tablets. Optional items include Open Feeder, Powder Loading Unit, De-duster, Dust Collector & more.

High Speed Mixer

This mixer is driven by a powerful Worm Gear and has a strong agitator-impeller designed to maximise the buoyancy of raw material. Mixing, kneading, granulating processes are achieved by this durable, easy-to-clean machine.

Nichrome also offers Fluid Bed Processors and High Shear Mixer Granulator from Keum Sung. For more details about the Keum Sung available in India, contact Nichrome. Nichrome offers many more pharma oral solid dosage solutions from other international players and can partner with pharma companies and OEMs to ensure the most efficient, sustainable outcomes.

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