packaging solutions for Ampoules & Vials

Daeyong Pharma Packaging Line for Ampoules & Vials – Brought to India by Nichrome

Nichrome, the leader in integrated packaging solutions is well known for its packaging machines and systems for Food, Pharma and other applications. Now, Nichrome is all geared up to offer the Indian pharma industry a larger and better range of filling and packaging solutions for Pharma products.

Nichrome has joined hands with Daeyong Pharmatech of Korea, a leading manufacturer of machines and complete lines, with an impressive legacy of engineering knowhow and worldwide expertise.  

Daeyong Pharmatech was established in 1983 as Yoosung Precision Eng. Over the last 3+ decades, it has focused on development of pharmaceutical facility automation, designing and manufacturing the production solutions for injections, eye drops, oral solutions besides automatic tablet & capsule visual inspection.

In 2002 the company constructed a modern factory at Sihwa Industrial Complex, and since then has consolidated its position as a company specialized in production machinery for injections.

A leading partner to Korean and international pharma companies, Daeyong now joins hands with Nichrome to bring superior technology solutions for the Indian pharma sector. Nichrome offers Daeyong’s Complete Line for Ampoule and Vial that complies with GMP & USFDA standards. The sterile filling line is a continuous, high speed up to 300 to 500 ampoules per minute.

Daeyong’s line includes:

Ultrasonic washing machine

with effective multi-stage cleansing function with noise-proof system. Recalculated water effectively reduces rinsing water consumption.

Drying & Sterilisation Tunnel

with Laminar Flow which utilizes indirect heating sterilizing techniques by heat waves. HEPA filter reduces foreign substances while the entire system maintains purity level to class 100.

DLT Sterilization System

greatly reduces time and energy consumption while ensuring precise temperature curves.

Ampoule & Vial Liquid Filling & Rubber Stoppering

machines with accurate servo-controlled filling system as standard. The filling system has a wide filling range with easy size changeover. Depending on the product to be filled, Daeyong has various options to ensure most accurate and efficient filling and sealing.

Nichrome brings this pharma packaging technology to India and offers local sales and service support for the customer’s peace of mind. Contact Nichrome to know more about this cutting-edge solution from Deayong Pharmatech, Korea.