Overcome Your Packaging Challenges with Nichrome

Enterprises big and small, face many challenges when it comes to packaging their products. It could be an edible oil manufacturer shifting from bulk packs to smaller retail packs; it could be an SME launching a local snack brand; it could be an established FMCG company looking to launch different SKUs for the rural market. It could be a village dairy farm who wants to market its produce independently in nearby towns, or it could be a company with ambitious growth plans, looking to enhance capacity with automatic packaging machine technology.

There are some common challenges that packaging must overcome. These include:

Product protection

The first and primary use of packaging is to protect the goods inside. Depending on the nature and composition of your product, you need to find packaging that effectively protects your product from damage and contamination.


With growing markets and e-commerce, products have to go beyond warehouses direct to the consumer’s door. So packaging needs to be able to withstand the movement and the journey. That too, in the most economical way. Light weight material can also help to substantially reduce logistics costs.


Especially for the food industry, freshness is vital. Packaging must help to keep products at their peak until purchase.


Sustainable packaging that uses fewer raw materials, produces less waste and encourages recycling is the way of the future. Companies today are more aware of how their packaging affects the environment.

Market impression

The impression a consumer makes at the point of sale influences whether they will buy a product. So the packaging needs to be attractive, provide convenience, ergonomics and relevant information.

Rising costs

Controlling costs and indeed reducing them, are crucial for any business. Reducing the amount and weight of packaging, or using more recycled materials can help bring down costs.


When in comes to investing in an automated packaging machine, every enterprise and application has its own criteria and challenges. Some of the main ones include:

  • Targeted capacity
  • Speed
  • Pouch format & material
  • Product specifications
  • GMP & other standards
  • Floor space
  • Capable manpower
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Service, maintenance & spares

These points are also a good way of evaluating the suitability of the machine and the machine manufacturer.

Nichrome is India’s leading packaging machine manufacturer and provider of integrated packaging solutions for diverse applications across Food, Pharma and other industries. Nichrome has over four decades of industry knowledge and proven expertise, and offer the product range and expertise to deliver the most relevant, cost-effective automated packaging solution.

Liquid packaging, solid packaging, viscous packaging; food, non-food or pharmaceutical product; horizontal-form-fill-seal (HFFS), vertical-form-fill-seal (VFFS) or multilane; bulk packs, retail packs or small single-serve SKUs – whatever your need, talk to Nichrome.

Nichrome believes in partnering with customers to derive the optimal solution. With its expertise, technology, R&D and manufacturing capabilities, Nichrome can even customise solutions to deliver the perfect fit.   Nichrome also provides training for customer’s staff, and assures prompt service and maintenance support. It’s easy to over your packaging challenges with Nichrome as your packaging partner.