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Pharma Packaging Solutions for Tablets from Nichrome

The pharma industry is constantly evolving and advancing. We see new formulations for better efficacy, alternative user-friendly forms in response to patient needs – complemented by advances in packaging design, materials and technologies.

Pharmaceutical packaging is an integral part of a pharmaceutical product. It comprises the package and the packaging processes for pharmaceutical preparations. It may also be involved in the dispensing, dosing and use of the pharmaceutical product.

Product protection is obviously the most important function of pharma packaging. Pharmaceutical products have to be shielded from the damaging effects of the environment. Many formulations become unstable when exposed to air, moisture, or light, and therefore protection from these factors is necessary to ensure that the medicines remain effective and safe. Pharma Packaging also performs other functions that enhance the product experience.

Functions of Pharma Packaging

1. Containment: The design of high-quality pharma packaging must take into account both the needs of the product and of the manufacturing and distribution system. This requires the pharma packaging: not to leak, nor allow diffusion and permeation of the product, to be strong enough to hold the contents when subjected to normal handling and not to be altered by the ingredients of the formulation in its final dosage form.

2. Protection: Pharma packaging must protect the product against all adverse external influences that may affect its quality, efficacy or potency, such as light, moisture, oxygen, biological contamination, mechanical damage and counterfeiting/adulteration.

3. Information: Pharma packaging is also an essential source of information on medicinal products which is provided by labels and package inserts for patients.

4. Convenience: This is associated with product use or administration.

Nichrome’s pharma packaging solutions for tablets

Traditionally, tablets or capsules are the more popular form of oral medicine. These are either fed into plastic or glass pharmaceutical bottles or packed in blister packs. Nichrome offers world-class pharma packaging solutions for both blister packaging and bottle filling.

Nichrome has tied up with international pharma packaging manufacturers to bring their world-class technology for the advantage of the Indian pharma industry.

For tablets/capsules, Nichrome offers two state-of-the-art solutions:

Counting and Filling

Nichrome’s Counting & Filling machines set new standards in speed and versatility to count any tablet or capsule, and fill a wide range of bottles and containers. This pharma packaging solution is the ultimate answer to the increasing demand for flexible, modular solutions, increased efficiency, productivity and a smaller footprint.

This high-speed Counting and Feeding System for Tablets / Capsules is an integrated solution that covers the entire process of:

–          Bottle Filling & Capping

–          Labeling Systems

–          Desiccant Insertion

–          Leaflet Insertion

Customers can order individual machines for specific tasks or invest in a complete integrated line.

Blister Packaging

Blister packaging is one of the fastest-growing packaging options worldwide. Blister packaging helps to increase the shelf life of capsules, tablets, pills and other pharma/cosmetic products. Blister packaging is a proven solution for protecting pharmaceutical products; it is also a convenient solution for patients since blister packages are easy to carry and use on the go. Among these are PVC, PCTFE, PVDC and thermoform blisters for less sensitive products or Alu-Alu cold form blisters for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) that are more sensitive.

Nichrome offers both medium and high-speed Blister Packaging Machines for Tablet/ Capsules. It also provides high-speed Card Blister Packaging with an automatic feeding system for cosmetic and other healthcare products.

Nichrome’s Cartoning Machine range for Blister Strips, Bottles, Tubes and Sachets is the perfectly complementary secondary packaging solution. Customers can also request complete integrated lines.

Why Nichrome for Pharma packaging?

In a globalised world, with the opening of global channels and the need to match international standards and quality, pharma product manufacturers and the packaging industry have a challenging time ahead.

Nichrome presents the latest technology and pharmaceutical packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. Strengthened by its wealth of diversified know-how and expertise in packaging, Nichrome is joining hands with global players to bring to India a comprehensive, state-of-the-art range of cost-effective, high-quality filling lines and primary packaging systems for pharmaceutical products.

Through their alliance with various companies around the world, Nichrome offers the advantage of pooled expertise, delivering top-quality, technologically advanced solutions spanning the entire value chain of filling and packaging lines for pharmaceutical products.

Nichrome promises customized pharma packaging services, product integration, on-schedule deliveries and after-sales care. They also offer the benefit of single-supplier convenience, and the assurance of international technology backed by expert, local support.