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Food Packaging Applications Served by Nichrome

The global food packaging market is vast, mature and growing at an exciting pace. Packaging companies serving the sectors of food, beverages, personal care and pharmaceutical are expected to do well in the post-pandemic situation, with changing demand patterns and government measures pushing up demand for packaged food products.

The food packaging market is broadly segmented into 3 categories based on product: rigid, semi-rigid and flexible. While rigid packaging has the largest market share, the flexible packaging market is growing exponentially due to technological advancements. Moreover, flexible packaging offers several advantages: it uses less material, needs less energy during formation, produces lesser greenhouse gases during manufacturing. Being lightweight & unbreakable, it is economical to pack, store and transport.

In India, few can match Nichrome’s expertise in flexible packaging for food products. Nichrome is a leading food packaging machine manufacturer with integrated packaging solutions. Nichrome’s packaging technology is well accepted around the world too.

Whether you want to package food grains, powders, liquids, viscous products or ready-to-eat foods, Nichrome offers a reliable, high-speed, cost-effective solution for your purposes.

Nichrome offers a wide range of food packaging machines, besides liquid packaging machines for products such as milk, juice, water. Let’s take a look at some of the different technologies Nichrome offers in food packaging machines:

Nichrome in Food Packaging

Nichrome’s entry into food packaging machines goes back four decades. Nichrome pioneered the first indigenous milk pouch packaging machine forty years ago, and since then has consistently grown its expertise and product portfolio to include the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for the food industry. Whether you are looking for liquid packaging machines or powder packaging machines, grains & seeds packaging machines or tea packaging machines, ketchup packaging machines or sugar packaging machines – Nichrome is the one-stop packaging machines supplier you can trust.

A key aspect of Nichrome’s food packaging machines is their versatility. Many of the machines are designed to serve a variety of applications by simply changing the filler. What’s more, Nichrome automated packaging machines ensure minimum downtime for activities such as product changeover, dimensions or filling weight changeover, cleaning, etc.

Let’s take a quick peek into Nichrome’s offerings for food packaging. The product portfolio can be broadly divided into the following sections, as per the applications they serve:

Oil & Viscous

For packaging oil and other viscous products, Nichrome’s Filpack Servo SMD is a durable, heavy-duty performer, with a touchscreen HMI panel and PLC that controls operations. It occupies less floor space and has an enclosed SS cabinet for hygienic operation.

Nichrome also offers the Multilane Stickpack, a fast and durable stickpack packaging machine to package viscous products in convenient single-serve stickpacks that are gaining popularity in the hospitality and travel sectors.

Milk & Liquid

For milk, other liquids and dairy products, Nichrome’s Filpack series offer reliable, hygienic and accurate liquid filling solutions. Equipped with advanced servo technology, Nichrome’s milk and liquid packaging machines offer fast and accurate pouch packaging. The range includes:

  • Filpack Servo 6K
  • Filpack Servo 12K
  • Filpack Universal
  • Filpack CMD Alpha
  • Filpack CMS 5L


Nichrome offers a range of proven powder packaging machines for the full gamut of free-flowing and non-free-flowing powders. Spice powder packaging machine or atta packaging machine, salt packaging machine or milk powder packaging machine–Nichrome has a suitable solution for every need.

Besides the multilane stickpack packaging machine for packing in small, single-use sachets, Nichrome offers some high speed vertical and horizontal packaging machines:

  • Excel 400 Plus Servo Auger
  • Sprint 250 Plus Servo Auger
  • Maxima 200
  • Maxima 400
  • T-series of HFFS

Snacks & Namkeen

Nichrome offers a wide range of automated snack packaging machines, each offering different flexible packaging formats. From large bulk packs and stand up pouches to chains of small pouches and sealed trays using MAP technology, Nichrome’s snack packaging solutions offer a variety of pouch formats, speeds and applications. The machines vacuum-pack chips, namkeen kurkure, pasta, dry fruits, candies -even grains, sugar and pulses.

Nichrome also offers the Wing 200 E-Line for entry-level requirements of startups and SMEs. Other snack packaging machines include:

  • Excel Vertipack 320
  • Snackpack
  • Excel 400 Plus Multi-Head Weigher
  • Sprint 250 Plus Multi-Head Weigher

Grains & Pulses

Nichrome offers a wide range of automated packaging machines, filling systems and integrated packaging solutions for your grain and seed packaging needs. Food Packaging Machines like those in Nichrome’s Excel Plus series, equipped with modern technology offer innovative packaging solutions that follow stringent packaging quality standards for a wide range of products.

Whether you want to pack grain in 500gm retail pouches or larger 2 Kg and 10 Kg formats, Nichrome has the grain packaging machine for you. Nichrome also offers Wing 200 E-Line, an automated packaging machine for startups and small-medium enterprises. It offers all the technology and expertise in a compact, affordable format. Nichrome’s offerings include:

  • Excel 400 Plus Intelligent Electronic Weigh Filler
  • Sprint 250 Plus Intelligent Electronic Weigh Filler
  • Excel 400 Plus Cup Filler
  • Excel Vertipack 320
  • Wing 200 E-Line Snackpack

These machines are also well suited for other applications such as sugar, tea, whole spices, dry fruits, even snacks & namkeen.

Tea & Coffee

Nichrome has been a pioneer in tea packaging machines in India. Today, besides tea packaging machines for packing tea in a variety of flexible pouches, Nichrome offers complete integrated packaging systems for tea packaging for end-to-end efficiency. For tea packaging and coffee packaging, Nichrome’s rugged range of packaging machines includes:

  • Excel 400 Plus Intelligent Electronic Weigh Filler
  • Sprint 250 Plus Intelligent Electronic Weigh Filler
  • Excel 400 Plus Servo Auger
  • Sprint 250 Plus Servo Auger
  • DH Wing Servo Auger Filler
  • Excel Vertipack 320
  • Multilane Stickpack & PV215 for sachet packaging of coffee powder

Nichrome also offers a series of horizontal form fill seal (HFFS) machines for packaging tea and coffee. The advanced linear technology and small footprint make Nichrome’s T-series a popular choice.

RTE & Instant Mixes

For effective and hygienic packaging of ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook foods, Nichrome’s Pick-Fill-Seal (PFS) machine comes with specially designed fillers.

The rotary filling and sealing technology of this RTE packaging machine enables 2 different fillers to dispense different ingredients in the same pouch, allowing for easy and gentle mixing of ingredients. Foods can be packed in a variety of stand up pouches which can then be subjected to retort packaging for longer shelf life.

Besides this horizontal packaging machine, Nichrome offers the Athena Thermoforming Tray Sealing machine from Tecnovac, Italy. Athena is able to seal, pack in a protective atmosphere (vacuum + gas) or with “Skin effect” all types of trays or jars. Due to its strong stainless steel structure and easy maintenance, Athena is ideal for use in small and medium-sized companies.

For marketers of cut fruits & vegetables, meat & fish, namkeen & sweets and even ready-to-eat meals like biryani, Athena ensures the food products stay safe and hygienic till they reach the consumer’s table.


Try Nichrome for all your food packaging needs. Nichrome will study your product, understand your requirements, and deliver the optimal solution for your specific industry. For the latest, most cost-effective automatic packaging machines and packaging solutions India, Nichrome is the preferred partner for progress.