Reasons to Use Nichrome’s Automatic Bottle Filling Line for Liquids

Automatic Bottle Filling Line

Bottles, bottles, bottles. Everywhere we look, we’re surrounded by bottles. In different sizes, shapes and materials.

Whether it is bottles of food & beverage liquids such as flavoured milk, energy drinks, water & buttermilk; viscous foods such as ghee, chocolate sauce & ketchup; or non-food products such as oil, liquid detergent, shampoo & handwash, bottles are part & parcel of modern life.

Why Automatic Bottle Filling Line for liquids?

Manufacturers and marketers of most products today use bottles for packaging and to ensure market success. Modern industries have bulk filling requirements which cannot be served by manual methods as the process can consume considerable time and cause spillage and wastage. Consistency and accuracy of filling are other important criteria, as is flexibility to handle different bottles and varied products. Manufacturers need equipment that allows such flexibility with easier changeovers.

No wonder, manufacturers are investing in automated bottle filling lines to maximize production efficiency, speed and capacity.

Why Nichrome for Automatic Bottle Filling Line for liquids?

When searching for the ideal Automatic Bottle Filling Line for your industry, a good place to start would be an experienced packaging solution provider who will take the time and trouble to study your product, understand needs and challenges, and then recommend the most suitable solution.

Nichrome is India’s leading provider of integrated packaging solutions for food, pharma and other applications. Nichrome partners to design and deliver custom filling & packaging systems for the best performance and ROI.

Here are some reasons why Nichrome’s Automatic Bottle Filling system will be an asset to your manufacturing operations.

Product & Container Versatility

Nichrome’s Automatic Bottle Filling system is designed to handle many different types of products, from water to handwash and oil. From products with thin watery consistency to highly viscous products, Nichrome’s liquid food packaging system can handle them all.

Nichrome’s liquid filling machine also handles a versatile SKU range with fast changeover and no change of parts. It is equally efficient packing in glass, HDPE and PP bottles or metal tins.

Accuracy & Efficiency

While automated packaging systems deliver high speed, high capacity operations, filling accuracy is crucial. Overfilling, spills and leaks can be wasteful and costly.

Nichrome’s automated bottle filling line delivers precise drip-free filling, consistently for years. The special ‘no bottle no filling’ safety device and fast, dribble cut off option eliminates wastage and helps the system achieve efficiency & speed.

Nichrome’s solution is a robust system that maximizes throughput with minimal downtime and maintenance.

Hygienic Design

Nichrome’s bottle filling machine is designed for the highest hygiene levels, minimizing cleaning and changeover time. Sloped surfaces increase drainage and prevent product buildup while stainless steel construction in SS304 or SS316 keeps the machine sanitary. Bottle sterilization and cleaning options are also available in this automated packaging system.


Even though the packaging system is automatic, some operator interaction is essential, so the equipment must be easy to use. Nichrome’s bottle filling system is a PLC-controlled system with LCD touch screen display & settings that make control and monitoring so much easier. Problems can be easily detected and downtime prevented.


Nichrome’s automated bottle filling line is a complete integrated packaging system incorporating a turn table (OD 1200), bottle cleaning system, UV sterilization chamber, automatic liquid filling machine, cap feeding elevator, rotary capping machine, induction sealer, front and back labeling machine, date and batch coding system and packing table.

Depending on your applications and capacity required, Nichrome will provide the appropriate filler with 2 to 10 heads to deliver packaging speeds from 20 to 100 bottles per minute. Discuss your requirements with Nichrome today.

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