5 Reasons To Automate Your Packaging Line

Automatic Packaging Machines

Whether you are an established manufacturing business or a young and growing one, you want to be an efficient and productive enterprise. You want to be a company in tune with the times, meeting and exceeding your consumer’s expectations, growing your profits as you build a stronger brand.

Packaging plays a crucial role in your business, and adopting the latest technology for it is essential to build the competitive edge. Manufacturers the world over have adopted automated packaging systems such as VFFS packaging machines and HFFS packaging machines. Such flexible packaging machines are enabling manufacturers to meet their packaging goals and increase profitability.  

Let’s consider some of the reasons to invest in automated packaging systems for your business.

You can’t cater to growing demand and expanding markets

The demand for your product is increasing. You want to venture into new markets and territories. Your overworked employees and old packaging equipment just cannot keep up. Before you lose business to competitors who move faster than you, or you have to give up on your ambitious growth plans – think automated packaging line. It’ll help you respond quickly to increase in demand and take the pressure off your staff.

You can’t take on new packaging formats & sizes

Consumer packaging calls for varied package sizes and formats. Competition demands you have more customised SKUs as a point of differentiation and to fulfill changing consumer needs.

Today’s automated packaging machines are built for versatility so they deliver better ROI.

You can’t handle modern packaging materials

In flexible packaging, there is constant innovation in the film – to minimise environmental impact and better protect & preserve the product. Old packaging systems just don’t have the features and capabilities to handle the new materials or the sealing pressures and precision required.

The cost of labour, wastage and downtime is killing you

As harsh as it sounds, human resources are expensive to employ. They can be slow, miss working days, and make mistakes. Human error and other reasons can cause a ton of waste. Waste of product from overfilling bags or leaks & spills, inefficient use of shop floor space, waste of time since the process takes much longer, and frequent downtime due to breakdowns or faults.

The world demands accuracy & standardisation

The contemporary consumer is demanding. They expect their money’s worth. Discrepancies in quantity, seal quality, pouch look & feel – such irregularities can have a negative impact on your brand and your sales.

If such problems ail your business, it’s time to invest in modern packaging systems that will help you overcome them. Sure, such an investment can be expensive but in today’s world, they are simply the better choice. Better machines will give better performance and thereby, better profits.

Still unsure if you can make the change? Nichrome can help. As India’s leading integrated packaging solutions provider, Nichrome partners with you to understand your needs and limitations, and develop the customised solution for you.

Nichrome’s primary packaging machines in VFFS and HFFS formats are sturdy, durable performers with speed, accuracy and cost-efficiency built-in. They offer unmatched versatility – so you can pack a variety of solid, liquid & viscous products in a range of pouch formats with the same machine. Nichrome also provides secondary packaging and tertiary packaging systems that can be integrated for a smooth and seamless packaging line. Nichrome also has expertise for turnkey project design and can custom-design a complete automated and integrated packaging line for you.

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