Packaging Systems to Enhance Productivity

Packaging Systems to Enhance Productivity Nichrome

For 4 decades, Nichrome has pioneered and led the flexible packaging industry in India. As leading primary packaging machine manufacturer, Nichrome’s expertise today spans design & development, manufacture, testing, installation and commissioning. 

For projects big and small, for Food, Pharma & Other applications, Nichrome partners through the complete life cycle, innovating and integrating solutions that elevate productivity through performance. Nichrome offers proven expertise and single-source convenience for pre-primary, post-primary and end-to-end system solutions.

Some of the innovative packaging systems from Nichrome include:

Bottle Filling Line – for Liquids, Viscous & Solids

The Bottle Filling Line utilises different types of fillers depending on the product to be packaged. A gravity filler is used for liquids such as water, flavoured milk, energy drinks, buttermilk and perfumes; a piston filler facilitates filling of viscous products such as oil, ghee, ketchup, sauce, shampoo, hand wash and varnish.

The line can also be adapted for different SKUs without change of parts. These include glass, PP and HDPE bottles, and tin cans – in units ranging from 100 ml to 20 ltrs. Filling speed ranges from 20 to 100 bottles per minute, depending on the number of filling heads.

The Bottle Filling Line is available for solids packaging too. Applications range from milk powder, spice powders, seasoning powders & pharma powders to pulses, grains, sugar & tea to tablets, dry fruits, soya chunks & whole spices. Just change the filler and use the filling line for any powder and solid application.

The PLC-controlled system is fitted with a unique ‘no bottle no filling’ safety device, and safety enclosures with interlocks for rotary parts. It works well for glass, HDPE and PP bottles (10 gms to 1000 gms) and offers fast changeover for different bottle sizes.

Bulk Packing Machine – Solid

The new Bulk Packing Machine from Nichrome is designed for packing large bags of 5 to 50 kgs. The bags could be HDPE woven, PP, paper or valve type. It is ideally suited for products such as rice, sugar, grains, pulses, flour, cake mix and agro-chemical granules.

The PLC-controlled machine delivers output rates up to 20 bags per minute, and has a special ‘no bag no filling’ safety device. Other features include auto bag clamping, bulk and dribble feed, and bag tilting & alignment attachment.

Tin Filling Line

Nichrome’s Tin Filling Line is a sturdy, low-maintenance system made for accurate and efficient performance. The PLC-controlled line has a digital LCD touch screen displaying settings, and safety enclosures with interlocks for rotary parts.

Machine construction is available in SS3014, SS316 and MS painted material. Various tin sterilisation and cleaning options are available.

Horizontal Cartoning Machine

Nichrome’s Horizontal Cartoning Machine delivers fast and efficient cartoning. This secondary packaging machine has a rated output of 50-55 cartons per minute, and handles a variety of cartons: parallel tuck in, opposite tuck in, lock bottom and gluing.

The machine structure is of MS sheet metal for durability. Some key features include adjustable carton conveyor with chain type design, servo indexing drive to carton and product chain, motorized carton pick up with vacuum cups, and facility for product insertion inside carton through motor-driven product pusher.

Automatic Pouch Stacking & Wrapping System

Nichrome’s high speed Stacking & Wrapping System for single and double head machines enables auto pouch stacking as per desired matrix. The system includes an inclined conveyor, pouch orienter, pusher and flow wrapping machine.

It is a PLC-controlled, single operator driven system offering easy changeover. The system can be aligned in linear or right angle direction as per floor space.

HDPE Bag Filling System

This system is a PLC-controlled system with digital LCD touch screen for display and settings. The user-friendly design and fast changeover for different bag sizes makes this a must-have for companies packaging their products in pack sizes of 500 to 5000 gms.

The line includes a VFFS machine, pouch take up conveyor and a rotary bag holding & filling system. Machine construction is available in SS304, SS316 and MS painted. Both HDPE and PP bags may be used.


Nichrome’s Packaging Systems are all controlled by a PLC for fail-safe, efficient operation, with absolute precision and accuracy. Spillage & wastage is eliminated, manual labour is minimized.

Nichrome’s unique strength lies in its capability to partner with customers to custom-design install and integrate the system that fits your needs. Application, space and budget are all considered so as to deliver the optimal packaging system to transform performance and profitability in the customer’s operations.

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