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Why you Need a Case Erector and Case Sealer

The ultimate goal of a packaging line is the creation of the perfect and most functional package box. Machines have taken up the various tasks and procedures previously carried out by people in distribution centres, which has led to an increase in the speed and accuracy of operations. Now, companies of all sizes can access the most advanced technology with the initial investment becoming significantly affordable.

There is a plethora of machinery types that packaging and distribution centres are integrated into their packaging lines in order to facilitate the creation of boxes, filling of boxes and transportation of the packages. The two most important box packing machines for such lines are case erectors/formers and case sealers. You can end up saving immense amounts of time and money in the long run with the inclusion of these case erectors and sealers in your packaging line.

Case Erectors

Case erectors/formers are carton packaging machines that take folded cardboard boxes and form them and then seal the bottom in order to make them ready for packaging. Case erector machines take far less time to assemble a box when compared to a person – which is why many companies choose to invest in them.

There are a variety of case erectors available that help with packaging needs:

  • Automatic case erectors – For high-volume packaging lines, these auto case erectors prove to be fast and efficient.
  • Semi-automatic case erectors – These cartoning machines are the ideal solution for cost-savings and floor-space savings of the packaging line. These are apt for those companies who desire performance but have limited space.
  • Speciality case erectors – These are bespoke machines that are made for industries that have unique packaging requirements.

Case Sealers

One of the most important steps on the packaging line is sealing the package before being shipped to the customer. This task is executed by carton box packing machines called case sealers. These machines allow for the creation of perfectly sealed cases every time. Case sealers bring with them benefits such as consistency and cost savings.

There are a variety of case sealers available:

  • Semi-automatic case sealers – These are highly affordable machines that help save floor space.
  • Fully-automatic case sealers – These automatic carton box packing machines offer increased efficiency, help save on labour costs and allow for fixed and varied sizes.
  • L-clip case sealers: These can accommodate a variety of case lengths and widths.

How to determine if you need a case sealer and case erector?

Wondering whether your packaging line needs a case erector and case sealer? A few questions to consider are:

  • Do you have to seal hundreds of packages per minute?
  • Do you need consistency in your packaging boxes?
  • Do you want to save on labour costs?
  • Do you want to create a safer work environment for your employees?
  • Do you need to save floor space for your packaging line?

Are case erectors and case sealers the same?

No, they aren’t. Both machines have different tasks for the creation of an ideal box package. Case erectors are used to build the initial box while case sealers seal the box once it is packed.

Do you need both?

Most companies choose to integrate one of them at a time in order to save money while still speeding up the packaging process. The best way to save costs in the long term and have consistent packaging is to integrate both machines into your packaging line.

Semi-automatic or automatic?

A semi-automatic machine is the best choice if you’re still looking to keep an operator involved in your end-of-the-line packaging as these machines are generally smaller and more affordable. If you want a machine that is powerful and can handle high volumes, a full-automated machine would be the best choice.


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