Easysnap® single-dose units for liquid and semi-liquid products

Revolutionary one hand opening, single-dose pack for liquid & semi-liquid products

Easysnap®  is the new worldwide standard for single dose units of liquid products, offering convenience, easy one hand opening, complete dispensing of contents and on-the-go mobility.

Nichrome, India’s leading player in integrated packaging solutions, is a company committed to providing cutting edge packaging technology for Indian industry. Pursuing this passion, Nichrome has joined hands with Easysnap Technology of Italy to bring their worldwide patented packaging to India.

Innovative one hand opening & dispensing system
It is a single-dose packet that opens itself when you fold it in half. No need to tear, to peel or to unscrew caps… Easysnap®  opens and dispenses product with only one hand; just fold and squeeze. It is ideal for packing all liquid and semi-liquid products.

Packing in single-dose Easysnap®  packages is safe for consumers (always correct doses and easy to take), sustainable for the environment (reducing waste of excess product), useful for manufacturers (easy to deliver and distribute).

Eight reasons why Easysnap® is the smarter packaging solution

1.It is easy

Easysnap®  opens with one hand only, without efforts. It is suitable for children, elderly and disabled people and all conditions, it is universal.

2. It offers handy, on-the-go mobility

Easysnap®  can be transported individually in your pocket or handbag or in greater quantities in packs without the risk of leakage or of being compressed. It has a semi-rigid bottom which is unbreakable unless folded over 90 percent.

3.It is cheap and ecologic

Easysnap®  has lower production costs compared to bottles, jars or thermoformed unit dose packaging, does not disperse any residue and is more easily recyclable.

4. It is smart

Easysnap® has an ergonomic design, versatile and stylish, which you can customize in form and graphics for better branding and retail appeal.

5.It is hygienic and clean

Easysnap®  dispenses the content in a clear and accurate way, there is no risk of spills or contamination of the product. There is no product contamination while opening and dispensing.

6. It is safe for consumers
Easysnap® always delivers precise doses and is easy to administer – especially important in pharma products.

7. It minimises wastage
Easysnap® is designed to ensure that 98% contents dispensed, so there is less wastage and consumers can be more certain about quantity of contents used.

8. It is beneficial for manufacturers
Easysnap® is easy to customise, brand, deliver and distribute. The stylish pack boosts brand image, and the no-spill, no-contamination advantage makes smart business sense.

Designed for food, cosmetic, pharma & chemical industries
Easysnap® allows no air inside and offers 100% barrier properties to maintain product integrity. Easysnap Technology can replace the production of any conventional portion pack container, including small cups, small bottles and tubes, with content from 1 to 30 ml, with many advantages in term of flexibility and production cost for units.

Easysnap Technology machineries are designed and certified for food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and medical devices industries.  The list of applications is endless:

Food: ketchup, salad dressing, jam, syrups, honey, mayonnaise, spreads, melted cheese, mustard, spirits

Pharma: ointments, liquid medications, medicated gels

Others: toothpaste, shampoo, hair dye, hair conditioner, liquid hand-sanitizer, body lotion, liquid detergents, bath foam, cosmetic cream, moisturizers, sun creams, promotional dispenser, and many others!

This game changer is brought to India by Nichrome. For over four decades, Nichrome has pioneered and introduced state-of-the-art packaging solutions for industries across verticals. As India’s leading manufacturer of automated packaging machines, packaging systems and filling systems, Nichrome is now joining hands with global players to transform the way Indian manufacturers pack food, pharma, cosmetics and personal care products.  For more information, contact Nichrome today. www.nichrome.com