Pouch Filling Machines

How Pouch Filling Machines Work

HAcross the world and across industries, pouch filling machines are becoming more and more popular for industrial packaging. Pouches are flexible, lightweight bags that offer many advantages over traditional packaging such as metal cans or glass bottles.

Pouch filling machines are usually of two types: vertical form fill seal (VFFS) and horizontal form fill seal (HFFS), with VFFS being the more preferred technology.

Let’s see how VFFS packaging machines work.

A vertical form fill seal machine is a kind of pouch making and filling machine with a vertical structure. It’s mainly used for industrial packaging and processing and provides a more convenient and effective way of automatic packaging, saving time, material wastage and cost. 

Understanding the main components of the VFFS pouch filling machine will explain how these machines work:

Film Pulling System: This system consists of an unwinding roller and tensioner. A rollstock of film (usually laminated PE, PET, aluminium foil) is placed on the unwinding roller, usually situated at the rear of the machine. Using servo motors and the tensioner, the film is firmly and precisely unwound and pulled into the system.

Printer (Optional): The film passes by the printer where the date, production batch code etc will be printed on the film.

Pouch Former: After printing, the film moves to bag forming. The process overlaps the edges of the film to shape a pouch. Vertical and bottom sealing is done by sealing jaws.

Filling & Sealing Machine: Filling is accomplished by connecting the bagging machine to multi-head scale or other filling machine, such as an auger or volumetric filler. Those two machines are synced electronically, so that as soon as the bag is ready, the product is dropped in automatically.

Once the product has dropped into the bag, the top is sealed. The sealing jaws press the 2 parts of the overlapping material and weld them, often with heating, to create a side or centre seal.

Pouch Cut: The filled and sealed bag is cut away. That top seal on the first bag becomes the bottom of the next bag, and the process repeats. The cut pouch falls to a collection system, typically a belt conveyor that brings the pouch to the next packaging step.

Control Cabinet: On the side of the vertical form fill seal machine, is a control cabinet. It contains all the electrical parts inside. PLC, contactor, servo motors, pneumatic cylinder, solenoid valves, PLC expand mode, low-pressure electrical parts. HMI makes operating and controlling the machine easier.

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