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Packaging Machine Manufacturers – Why Nichrome?

The Indian Packaging Industry is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 26.7% in the period between 2020-2025. Growing populations, higher incomes, changing lifestyles, and the developing economy are the reasons behind this rapid growth. Major investments in the personal care, food processing and pharmaceutical industries are avenues of growth and expansion. The rise of India’s e-commerce industry is also fuelling this growth.

Modern retail/department stores, with their overflowing shelves, provide clear indications of how the number and variety of packaged goods are increasing exponentially.

In this day and age, machines are employed to pack almost all types of consumer goods including pharmaceuticals, snacks, foods and beverages, electronics and electrical products and many more. Flexible packaging machines are overtaking the manual packaging process, with the capacity to perform the same process with much greater accuracy, lower manpower needs, and at a much greater speed and efficiency.

If you’re a manufacturer, it must be patently obvious that automated packaging is the need of the hour to be able to compete in the crowded marketplace.

Reasons to invest in automated packaging machines

The benefits of automated packaging are well known and proven. Automated packaging machines help producers:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Boost capacity
  • Extend the shelf life of the product
  • Save on labour costs and human errors
  • Eliminate safety hazards caused by manual operations
  • Reduce material costs

How to choose the right packaging machine manufacturer

Automatic packaging machines can be considered expensive propositions. Ipso facto, one needs to be sure that he/she is making the right choice to ensure that his/her packaging machine manufacturer has what it takes to deliver the best solution.

There may be a huge list of packaging machine manufacturers in India and whether you are on the lookout for packaging machine manufacturers in Mumbai, packaging machine manufacturers in Pune or in any other city, you have to evaluate your supplier on the basis of the 6 points mentioned below:

Experience: How long has the packaging machine manufacturer been conducting business? Do they have a rich legacy and track record? Nichrome can boast of more than 4 decades of experience working on different applications in diverse industry verticals. A pioneer since 1977, Nichrome has remarkably improved its capabilities and offerings, and now offers the widest range and domain expertise among packaging machine manufacturers in India.

Manufacturing: Are the machines being marketed manufactured by the supplier itself? Or are there dealers or multiple packaging machine manufacturers? Nichrome is an established packaging machine manufacturer in Pune for more than four decades now and has amassed world-class capabilities and infrastructure for manufacturing. This manufacturing expertise ensures that Nichrome has control over the construction and quality of the products they sell.

Design: With a strong thrust on R&D, Nichrome works continuously to improve upon its products and to introduce innovative solutions for specific applications. Nichrome has developed a range of filling systems to enhance the versatility of its packaging machines. Just changing the filler changes your powder packaging machine into a viscous or grain packaging machine.

Customer Focus: Does the supplier just offer the basic packaging machine, negotiate the price and deliver the machine or does it assess and evaluate your requirements? Nichrome is a solution-driven, customer-focused packaging machine manufacturer that believes in being a partner for the best business results. Taking time and effort to understand customer needs, specific application requirements and limitations such as space, manpower, budget etc., Nichrome uses its decades of expertise and technical know-how to customize the optimal solution.

Service: Does the supplier provide good service? Is your location covered? Are there sufficient spare parts available? Nichrome’s nationwide network of sales and service provides reliable and prompt support throughout the lifecycle of the machine. Nichrome delivers on time, carries out proper installation and commissioning, trains your workforce, and provides efficient post-sales service and genuine spare parts when needed.

Quality: Lastly, we consider Quality. In the case of big investments such as packaging machines, you will need to be confident that your purchase is the most effective and one that will deliver great performance, longevity and significant ROI. Nichrome’s brand has grown to be synonymous with Quality having built a stellar reputation over four decades in the business. All of Nichrome’s materials, manufacturing processes and products meet the latest, world-class Quality standards and certifications.


While it may be easy to decide to go in for automated packaging, it is slightly more difficult to choose the right machine and manufacturer. You should preferably go in for a packaging machine manufacturer in India who has the right technology, quality and reputation, and will also partner with you through the entire cycle – analysing your needs, allaying your doubts and recommending the most cost-effective solution.

Nichrome’s strong belief in being a dependable and helpful partner allows them to suggest and even customize the optimal solution for customers. Nichrome partners with customers and assists them right from the first enquiry to the commissioning and onwards. Nichrome also helps train the customers’ staff on operating the new machine. Get in touch with Nichrome today for your automated packaging system requirements.