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Challenges of Namkeen Packaging

We Indians love to snack, so the market is booming. Whether it is a famous Indian brand like Haldiram and Bikanervala, MNC like Pepsi or a small, local mithaiwala, they all seem to have a market for their products – and enjoy tasty profits.

However, snack food manufacturers have a few basic challenges when packaging their products:

1. Fragility of product
Snack foods tends to be fragile with light density. They also tend to be of irregular shape and size. This makes it difficult to package the products quickly without damage.

2. Freshness of product
Freshness and crispiness are crucial for sale of snacks. Chips that have gone soft or fried namkeen that smells rancid are sure to damage the maker’s reputation and market.

3. Range of products
Most snack manufacturers produce a variety of snacks, and it is not always possible to invest in, for example, a namkeen packaging machine and a potato chips packaging machine. Especially for smaller enterprises, such capital expenditure is not feasible.


Nichrome is the snacks packaging machine manufacturer, focused on providing high quality packaging solutions ensuring that the freshness and quality of food products is maintained in the packaging. Nichrome’s automatic packaging machine provide packaging solutions for a wide range of snack and namkeen products with dedicated design solutions for snack and namkeen food packaging.

A star of the Nichrome namkeen packing machine range is undoubtedly the Excel Vertipack 320.With its high-speed performance, sturdy design, online check weigher & metal detector, compatibility with multiple fillers, and a host of other features, this namkeen packaging machine assures you robust performance with unmatched versatility.

Excel Vertipack 320is India’s first vertical pouch packaging machine, designed to answer all the challenges of snack packing with its features and state-of-the-art technology.

Vertical form fill seal system

Excel Vertipack 320 is a VFFS machine which occupies less floor space and ensures faster filling and sealing. Speed helps to preserve the freshness of the product.

Air/Vacuum packing

Excel Vertipack 320 packs in air-filled pillow pouches that provide protection for the fragile snack product. The modified atmosphere inside the standee pouch also provides chemical resistance against bacteria growth to preserve freshness of the product for longer, thereby enhancing shelf life.

Compatibility with multiple fillers

Excel Vertipack 320 is compatible with the servo auger filler, multi-head weigher, combifiller, cup filler and electronic weigh filler so it can pack a variety of products. From snacks and namkeens to dry fruit and pasta, sugar and grains to pulses, confectionaries to powdery products -Excel Vertipack handles them all with ease and accuracy.


Vertipack 320 also offers flexibility to handle different package lengths, film types, bag styles and fillers for diverse products. It can handle varied products and deliver a range of pouch formats. All with PLC-controlled ease and fast changeover. This makes Excel Vertipack 320 a truly versatile pouch packaging machine.


For packaging solutions India, Nichrome should be your go-to partner. Nichrome is India’s leading provider of integrated packaging solutions, offering a wide and proven range of automatic packaging machines, filling systems and complete packaging systems. Nichrome’s dedication to the snacks industry goes back decades and they have consistently developed solutions for specific needs. The current range includes Snackpack, Excel 400 Plus Multi-Head Weigher, Sprint 250 Plus Multi-Head Weigher, besides the Excel Vertipack 320.

Nichrome has innovated the Wing 200 E-Line specifically for startups and SMEs. It delivers all the superior technology and performance of a Nichrome namkeen packaging solution in a compact, more affordable format.

Talk to Nichrome for your namkeen packaging machine requirements today.