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Nichrome Vertipack 320 for cost-efficient Pulses Packaging

In India, increasing population and growing use in the food processing industry are driving continuous growth in the pulses market. Pulses are a staple of the Indian diet, especially for a significant section of India’s population which is vegetarian and relies on pulses for its source of protein. There is also a revived interest in pulses as they are considered healthier than wheat or rice flour, and are being used increasingly for making ‘healthy’ snacks, mithai, etc.

Pulses are marketed as a raw whole as well as dehusked split. For marketing of pulses, quality of product becomes of prime importance. Cleaned and well-graded whole grains fetch higher prices. For dehusked splits, better packaging is required to reduce post-milling losses and to increase acceptability of consumers.

Deterioration and losses of products, during transport and storage depend upon a series of physical, chemical, biological and human factors. Proper packaging is an important element in reducing losses.

Stand Up Pouches for Pulses, growing in popularity

While flexible packaging in general is the popular packaging for pulses, cereals and grains, the Stand Up Pouch has grabbed the attention of brands to better promote, protect, and drive sales of their products. From production to purchase, stand up pouches offer multiple benefits to both manufacturers and consumers.

The main benefits include:

Durability: Stand up pouches are prepared from extremely durable materials which cannot be crushed, damaged or smashed like glass, cardboard or paper can.

Protection: Stand up pouches offer excellent barrier properties, protecting the pulses from moisture, oxygen, light, odours, infestations, etc. and thereby improving shelf life. Puncture-resistant films can be used to safeguard your products during transport & warehousing.

Visibility: Through use of transparent pouches or window pouches, companies can let buyers see the contents of the pack, thereby inspiring confidence.

Branding: Through Rotogravure printing or flexographic printing, one can print bright colours and graphics to strengthen brand presentation and build strong visual appeal for sales.

Convenience: With add-ons like resealable closures, stand up pouches offer a better customer experience. You can choose from handles, spouts, tear notches, press-to-close, zip lock, etc. for added convenience.

Economy: Stand up pouches are cost-effective, low-weight packs that deliver substantial savings in distribution. You can store more packs in less space, and it takes less time, fuel and labour to transport it.

Excel Vertipack 320 for Stand Up Pouch Packaging

Excel Vertipack 320 is India’s first vertical pouch packaging machine! Yet another versatile innovation from Nichrome, Excel Vertipack 320 has been developed for packaging pulses, grains and cereals besides dry fruits, snacks, pasta, etc. in a variety of stand up pouches with or without zipper.

With its high speed performance, sturdy design, online check weigher & metal detector, compatibility with multiple fillers, and a host of other features, Excel Vertipack 320 assures you robust performance with unmatched versatility.

Excel Vertipack 320 is a truly versatile automated packaging machine, with a wide range of both applications and pouch formats. Other than the stand up pouch, Excel Vertipack 320 packs in CSPP, Gusset, Gusset with D cut, 3-side seal pouch, Pentaseal and Quad Seal formats.

Depending on the pouch size and format, Excel Vertipack 320 delivers a bagger speed of 45-55 pouches per minute.

Main features

• Produces standee pouches with or without zipper.
• Flexibility to pack products in variety of pouch formats in short changeover.
• Produces pouches on one side/both side heat sealable packing material.
• Sturdy & versatile design.
• Pneumatically operated horizontal & vertical sealing system.
• Servo motor driven belt draw-off for paper pulling.
• Built in safety door guards with machine off interlock.
• Use of AC geared motor with VFD for paper & zip unwind.
• Optimized paper path.
• Aesthetically improved machine ensuring safety.
• Less operational cost due to reduced space, manpower & energy consumption.

Optional Accessories

• Print mark scanner
• Date batch coder
• Inert gas flushing
• On line check weigher & metal detector
• Provision for zipper application
• Pouch take up conveyor
• Product feed conveyor
• Pin prick assembly
• Provision for bottom flap folding
• Platform for filler
• Manual dump arrangement with foot switch


Nichrome is India’s leading provider of integrated packaging solutions, offering automated packaging machines, filling systems and complete packaging systems. With over four decades of industry experience, Nichrome is powerfully positioned to design, manufacture and commission the best packaging solution for your needs.

For pulses packaging, Nichrome offers other HFFS and VFFS packaging machines such as Excel 400 Plus Intelligent Electronic Weigh Filler/Cup Filler, Sprint 250 Plus Intelligent Electronic Weigh Filler and Wing 200 E-Line Snack Pack.

Nichrome also offers integration of primary packaging machines into existing lines and secondary packaging solutions such as stacking & wrapping, bulk packing, HDPE bag filling, etc. Contact Nichrome for your pulses packaging – and ensure better sales for your product.