Integrated Packaging Solutions

Nichrome’s Integrated Solutions for Food Packaging

The clamour for packaged food has been on the path of steady growth over the past decade and more. There are many factors that are fueling this increased demand – the need for convenience, requirements for hygiene, and the stream of ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat options – driven by rising incomes, changing lifestyles and increased mobility. An increasing number of consumers are preferring packaged edible oil, food grains, milk, snacks, mithai etc. over traditionally distributed loose products.

With consumers growing more aware of hygiene, storage and portability facets of products, and manufacturers looking for increased production with reduced downtime, expanded market reach and adherence to international standards – advanced packaging technology is the most appropriate solution!

Considerations for Efficient and Effective Packaging Solutions

Packaging line efficiency in addition to the choice of packaging partner is a crucial consideration for food manufacturers. The basic demands of these manufacturers include the capability of the packaging solution provider to manufacture and set up a fully integrated line – from primary to secondary to tertiary packaging. The benefits of having such a proficient packaging partner include single-source convenience, improved compatibility amongst machines in the line, and the overall flexibility of layout. A turnkey supplier is a business that provides comprehensive services – from design to manufacturing to installation and after-sales assistance of the packaging line.

The objective for integrated packaging solutions suppliers such as Nichrome is to offer a holistic, turnkey packaging line that is designed and configured according to the specific requirements of customers. The installation of such an integrated packaging line simplifies the customers’ operations and saves time. 

How to pick the most optimal food packaging machine 

When deciding on a food packaging machine, it is important to pick one that aligns best with your business requirements. Some fundamental criteria to consider are: 

  • Size and weight of the machine
  • Ease of operation
  • Cost of running and maintaining the machine
  • Flexibility and versatility
  • Reliability of the manufacturer 

Nichrome’s Food Packaging Credentials 

Nichrome made its entry into food packaging solutions over four decades ago. The first indigenous milk pouch packaging machine was pioneered by Nichrome more than forty years ago and it has since then continuously enhanced its expertise and product range to encompass the most efficient and economical packaging solutions for the food industry.

If you are looking for automatic packaging machines or Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines, potato chips packing machinesor edible oil filling machines, ketchup packaging machines or sugar packing machines– Nichrome is among the single-source packaging machine manufacturersyou can rely on. 

A major differentiating factor of Nichrome’s food packaging solutions is their immense versatility. A number of Nichrome’s machines are designed to serve a diverse range of applications with just a change in the filling system. Nichrome ensures minimum downtime of its automated packaging machines for processes such as product changeover, change in dimensions or filling weight, cleaning etc.

Nichrome’s Food Packaging Solutions 

Nichrome offers bonafide expertise and single-source convenience from product handling to the end of line solutions & warehousing to provide complete end-to-end packaging solutions.

Nichrome’s primary packaging solutions for food include: 

  • Bottle filling line
  • Jar filling line
  • Tin filling line
  • Bulk bag filling line
  • Blow Fill Seal (BFS) line 

Nichrome also offers secondary packaging solutions that can be integrated into the primary packaging for effective integrated packaging solutions

  • Vertical cartoner
  • Horizontal cartoner
  • Case erector
  • Smart case packer
  • Auto case packer
  • Flexiwrap ST
  • Flexiwrap 700
  • HDPE bag filling
  • Flexibale 450
  • Pick and place solutions 

Nichrome’s offerings also include end-of-line systems that can be integrated into the packaging line for true end-to-end integrated packaging solutions.

Nichrome’s end-of-line packaging systems can package both bags and cases and include customized solutions such as:

  • Automatic pallet dispensing
  • Collation using pick and place (Robotic/Gantry)
  • Palletizer (Robotic/Gantry)
  • Multiple line configuration and integration
  • Stretch wrapping 

How can Nichrome help? 

Nichrome is a pioneer and pathbreaker in the domain of food packaging solutions. Nichrome has been designing and developing food packaging machines, filling systems and integrated packaging solutions for the packaging of edible grains, pulses, powders, liquids, and viscous and ready-to-eat foods.

As a leading provider of packaging solutions in India, Nichrome’s range includes machines and technologies for possibly every food packaging application. 


If you are on the lookout for a tin packing machine, can seamer machine, bottle filling machine, carton packing machine, bulk bag filling machine, box packing machine, flow wrap machine, ghee jar filling machine, case packer manufacturers,namkeen packing machine, oil filling machine, shampoo packing machine, powder filling machine, sugar packaging machine– whatever may your requirements be, connect with Nichrome.

 Make the most effective use of the available floor space, and enhance the efficiency and utilization of resources with Nichrome’s bespoke integrated packaging solutions in India. Nichrome’s expertise has been developed over 4 decades in the packaging industry and showcased in more than 10,000 installations across 45 countries around the world, Nichrome is your definitive single-source supplier for the most optimum end-to-end integrated packaging solutions

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