Integrated Packaging Solutions

Importance of Integrated Packaging Solutions from Nichrome

Packaging line efficiency as well as the choice of packaging partner are crucial considerations for product manufacturers. Among the basic requirements of these manufacturers includes the capacity of the packaging solution supplier to manufacture and configure a completely integrated line – from primary to secondary to tertiary packaging. The advantages of having such an accomplished packaging partner include single-source convenience, improved cooperability between machines in the line, and overall flexibility of layout. A turnkey supplier is a vendor that provides holistic services – from the design to manufacturing to installation and after-sales assistance of the packaging line.

Important considerations for Integrated Packaging Lines

Some important considerations when configuring integrated packaging lines include:

  • Desired production speed
  • Layout design and floor space utilization
  • Possibility of further expansion

Overview of the Types of Packaging:

Primary Packaging

Primary packaging is considered to be the packaging that is in direct contact with the product and is the first level of protection of the product. The chief objective of primary packaging is to contain, protect, and preserve the finished product – especially against contamination. This type of packaging is primarily intended for the end-user/consumer. It makes it more convenient for consumers to handle the products while making the product packaging more aesthetically appealing. It can also convey statutory information regarding the products printed on the packaging.

Secondary Packaging

Secondary packaging is an additional layer of packaging for products applied after the primary packaging so as to group a certain number of products into a single SKU. The primary role of secondary packaging is the provision of protection to the products as they move through the supply chain. It also preserves the integrity of the primary packaging.

Secondary packaging also makes it easier to transport large quantities of the packaged product from the manufacturer’s facilities to the end-user or point of sale.

Tertiary Packaging

Tertiary packaging is the third type of packaging used for the protection of manufactured products for shipping or storage. Its purpose is not only to protect the products but also to protect their primary and secondary packaging.

Tertiary packaging is usually not seen by consumers as it is normally removed by retailers before the products are placed on shelves for sale. Some examples of tertiary packaging include brown cardboard boxes, wood pallets, and shrink wrap.

About Nichrome India Ltd

Nichrome is considered to be among India’s pioneering packaging machine manufacturers and provides integrated packaging solutions for a wide range of applications across Food, Pharma and Non-food industries. With over 4 decades of operations in the industry and bonafide expertise, Nichrome has more than 10,000 successful installations and a presence in 45+ countries. Nichrome offers the product range and possesses the capabilities to deliver the optimal and cost-effective solutions.

Integrated Packaging Solutions from Nichrome

The aim of integrated packaging solutions providers such as Nichrome is to provide fully functional turnkey packaging lines that are designed and configured according to the customers’ specific requirements. Commissioning such an integrated packaging line simplifies the customers’ operations and saves time.

For projects of all sizes, for Food, Pharma & Non-food applications, Nichrome collaborates with customers through the complete life cycle – innovating and integrating solutions that elevate productivity through performance. Nichrome offers bonafide expertise and single-source convenience for pre-primary, post-primary and end-to-end system solutions.

Nichrome’s offerings in Integrated Packaging Solutions include:

  • Automatic Pouch Stacking & Wrapping System
  • Bottle Filling Line for Liquids
  • Bottle Filling Line for Solids
  • Bulk Packing Machine for Solids
  • HDPE Bag Filling System
  • Tin Filling Line
  • Cartoning Machine
  • Flexibale 450 Baling Solution

Nichrome has a well-established practice of collaborating with its customers to design and configure the optimal solution. Nichrome’s expertise, technology, R&D and manufacturing setups allow them to deliver the ideal customised solutions. Nichrome also provides training for their customers’ employees for the operation of the machine and assures prompt service and maintenance support. Having Nichrome as your packaging partner, you’re sure to overcome your packaging obstacles!


Whether you are looking out for a tin packing machine, can seamer machine, bottle filling machine, carton packing machine, box packing machine, flow wrap machine, namkeen packing machine, automatic bottle filling machine,carton box packing machine,oil filling machine, shampoo packing machine, powder filling machine, sugar packaging machine– whatsoever your requirements may be, get in touch with Nichrome.

Make the optimum use of the available space, enhance efficiency and utilization of resources with Nichrome’s tailor-made integrated packaging solutions. With expertise that has been developed in over 4 decades in the packaging industry, and demonstrated in more than 10,000 installations across 45 countries across the world, Nichrome is your well-accomplished single-source partner for the most optimal end-to-end integrated packaging solutions.

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