Packaging liquids has always been a challenge. Beverages, milk, water, juice, flavoured milk, yogurt, liquor, wine…there’s an ever-growing list of products out there that require safe and hygienic flexible packaging with crucial seal integrity.

Pillow pouch is a simple, reliable and cost effective packaging solution and most frequently used form of pouch readily available in the market. Increasing demand from dairy industries for packing numerous products including curd, sauces, milk, yoghurt and water will provide a positive thrust on the liquid pouch packaging market in years to come.

Consumers today want lighter packaging. On-the-go convenience. Sustainable packaging that can be recycled. Nichrome meets many of these requirements with its liquid pouch packaging solution: Filpack CMD Alpha.

Filpack CMD Alpha

Filpack CMD Alpha is another efficient automatic packaging machine for milk and other liquids. Built substantially shorter than conventional machines, this VFFS packaging machine also occupies less floor space as no side opening is required.

The impulse seal system is controlled through solid state control technology, and there is a specially designed film roll unwinding mechanism for smooth bag pulling.

Filpack CMD Alpha offers twin heads so you can pack two different products at the same time. You can even conduct maintenance on one track while the other is in operation.

Applications & Pouch Format

Besides milk, Filpack CMD Alpha works efficiently to pack liquids such as Flavored Milk, Lassi, Curd, Juice Drinks, Water, besides viscous products such as Edible Oil, Vanaspati, Ghee.

All these products are packed in CSPP (centre seal pillow pouches) of 500 ml and 1000 ml.

Salient Features

Flexibility to use two different dedicated pack width options to accommodate two quantity ranges of liquids
• Machine structure in stainless steel with enclosed SS cabinet
• Precise mechanical filling system with quick volume changeover through set recipes on HMI
• Bag length control through PLC offering increased operator friendliness
• Sealing jaw operation through LINK mechanism directly coupled to horizontal &vertical seal assemblies
• Product contact parts from Stainless Steel Grade AISI-304
• Advantageous chain-less & lubrication-free machine design
• Operator-friendly centrally located/housed electrical and electronic system of both heads of machine • Facility for maintaining either track of machine keeping second track in operation
• UV sterilization of film
• Visual alarm through HMI with interlock for machine to parking mode in the event of end of film roll
• Tool-less quick changeover of filling nozzle & CIP adaptor during production to CIP and vice versa
• Servo voltage stabilizer for machine

The Nichrome Advantage

The Filpack CMD Alpha liquid packaging machine is manufactured by Nichrome, India’s leading packaging machine manufacturer and provider of integrated packaging solutions. Nichrome’s design and manufacturing capabilities are proven over four decades in the industry, and over the years, Nichrome has successfully installed thousands of automated packaging machines for food, pharmaceutical and other sectors.

Nichrome partners with customers to understand their specific needs and challenges, and then delivers the most appropriate, cost-effective solution. For example, for the dairy industry, Nichrome offers the high-speed Filpack Servo 6K & 12K models for mega capacity dairy plants. For dairy farms and mini dairy plants, the single head Filpack CMS Alpha is a more suitable option.

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