Nichrome is India’s leading milk pouch packing machine manufacturer with four decades of expertise to deliver integrated packaging solutions for a whole gamut of liquid and other applications.

Nichrome’s first offering was the milk pouch packing machine. In response to the Govt. of India’s call for indigenous packaging machines to support India’s white revolution, Nichrome developed the Filpack, the country’s first indigenous milk filling machine.

Today, Nichrome has come a long way, with continuous innovation to develop newer and better liquid packaging machines. The current version of the Filpack – Filpack Servo 12K – is the fastest milk packaging machine, filling and packing 12000 pouches per hour. Besides milk, it is used for packing flexible pouches of flavoured milk, lassi, juice and mineral water. It can pack CSPP pouches of 200ml, 500ml and 1000ml with equal ease and accuracy.

Filpack Servo 12K is a heavy duty vertical packaging machine with simple maintenance-friendly construction. It is built for hygiene with product contact parts of stainless steel and UV film sterilisation for the packaging material. It has two independent balance tanks so can handle single or different products simultaneously.

VFFS Machines

Nichrome’s Filpack series of VFFS liquid packing machines are robust, with enclosed SS cabinet and SS304 product contact parts to ensure hygienic, maintenance-friendly operations. The range includes:

Filpack CMD Alpha: Built substantially shorter than conventional machines, it occupies less floor space as no side opening is required. It offers twin heads so you can pack two different products at the same time. You can even conduct maintenance on one track while the other is in operation.

Filpack Servo Universal: A high speed, versatile performer, Filpack Servo Universal serves multiple applications in both free-flowing liquids (milk, buttermilk, water, juices, etc.) and viscous (cream, ghee, kefir, mayonnaise, etc.). Output speeds go up to 5000 packs per hour.

It is also available in a double head combo filler model which enables customers to fill viscous products on one head and liquid on the other.

Filpack  CMS 5L: This is a versatile machine, packaging both liquid and viscous products with a pneumatic filling system for better filling consistency. It is ideal for pouches of larger quantities – up to 5500ml in CSPP format. Liquids are packed at a speed of 800 pouches per hour while viscous products are packed at 400 pouches per hour.

HFFS Machines

Nichrome also offers a range of HFFS automatic packaging machines from Totpack, Spain. The new-generation linear technology of these machines makes them versatile performers, useful for packing a wide range of liquids, viscous, powders, grains and snacks – simply by using different fillers. These machines also offer a range of pouch formats with superior pouch aesthetics.

The HFFS machines are PLC-based with the touch screen interface. Well designed duplex models are available for higher outputs.

Liquid Bottling System

Nichrome also offers a complete integrated system for bottle filling and packaging that includes a turntable, UV sterilisation chamber, automatic liquid filling machine, cap feeding elevator, rotary capping machine, induction sealer, labeling machine, date & batch coding system, and packing table.

SKUs range from 100ml to 20 ltrs. Applications include a wide range of food & beverage liquids such as flavoured milk, soft drinks, energy drinks, water; non-food liquids such as shampoo, oil, perfume, handwash; viscous products such as ghee, ketchup, chocolate sauce and more.

For innovative packaging solutions for liquid products, partner with Nichrome. Based on your product, marketing objectives, and budget, Nichrome will deliver the most suitable and cost-efficient automatic packaging solution for your specific industry.

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