Why Nichrome For Milk Powder Packaging

About milk powder

Milk powder is made by converting liquid milk into a dry product that can be stored without substantial loss of quality. There are four main types of milk powder: dairy whitener, skimmed milk powder, whole milk powder and baby food powder.

Milk powder production involves the removal of water from milk solids. The final product is easily transportable, small in volume and has a significantly longer shelf-life than pasteurised liquid milk. The removal of water is achieved via three steps: milk treatment, evaporation and spray drying or roller drying. The milk is concentrated approximately 10-fold to form a powder.

Milk powders are used by consumers as a substitute for fresh milk, and as ingredients for the manufacture of a wide range of processed food products such as confectionaries, infant formulas, nutritional foods, ice creams, yogurts, chocolate, bakery products, soups, sauces, etc.

Milk powder packaging with Nichrome

Milk powder packagingis crucial because it impacts the quality, safety and marketing of the product. Milk powder is prone to lipid oxidation owing to its hygroscopicity and fat content, and therefore should be packaged to prevent contact with light, oxygen, moisture and contaminants.

Stable and beautiful packaging can increase the value of milk powder to consumers by providing a sense of hygiene, nutrition, taste and security. Packaging, by enhancing the value of the milk powder, serves to effectively promote the sale of milk powder.

Nichrome milk powder packagingtechnology extends to various formats under 2 broad categories:

1.Tin Cans

Milk powder has a long shelf life when packed in metal cans due to their excellent barrier properties physical strength, durability, absolute barrier properties to moisture, O2, and light, absence of flavor or odor, and rigidity. Nichrome’s tin filling system packs in quantities up to 1000 gms.

2.Flexible multilayer pouches

Flexible pouches or sachets made of aluminum foil or plastic film laminates, are slowly but steadily replacing the tin can. Flexible packages reduce manufacturing and transport costs. As they require less material, they minimise post-consumer waste. The various flexible packaging formats offered by Nichrome’s milk powder packaging machinesinclude:

  • Stick pack
  • – Small sachet
  • Gusset bag
  • CSPP/Chain of pouches
  • Pentaseal/ Pentaseal with D-cut
  • Stand up pouch

Nichrome’s milk powder packaging range

Nichrome has decades of experience in the milk powder packaging process. Nichrome’s technology ensures the product is delivered with safety and quality to the consumer, keeping freshness and flavour intact.

Nichrome offers a range of high quality, affordable, and flexible solutions for milk powder packagingalong with prompt sales and service support for all packaging related needs. Nichrome’s many rugged, field-proven solutions are:


  • sturdy, low maintenance system
  • PLC controlled
  • Construction available in SS3014, SS316 and MS painted material
  • Auto lid feeding, placing & lid seaming
  • Fast changeover design for different size of tin
  • Various tin sterilisation and cleaning options are available


  • VFFS powder packaging machine
  • PLC controlled
  • Cross sealing jaws for optimum performance
  • Easily integrated with upstream/downstream systems
  • Pouch formats: 4 line seal, Pentaseal, CSPP, Gusset, Pentaseal with D cut


  • VFFS technology
  • PLC controlled
  • For quantities up to 2 kgs
  • Perforation system to deliver chain of small pouches
  • Pouch formats: CSPP (single or chain)

MAXIMA 200/400

  • Compact design, small footprint
  • PLC-controlled
  • Maxima 200 packs 200 pouches/min; Maxima 400 packs 400 pouches/min
  • Maxima 400 packs different products with different quantities on each head
  • Pouch format: CSPP (single or chain)


  • For producers serving the travel, food chain & hospitality sectors
  • PLC controlled
  • Up to 10 Lanes (depending on stick width)
  • Flexibility for product and format changes
  • Pouch formats: Centre seal stickpack; Centre seal stickpack with V notch


  • Compact HFFS machines
  • Linear technology from Europe
  • PLC controlled
  • Duplex model available for higher output
  • Pouch formats: Stand up, stand up with zipper/euro slot/handle


The milk powder industry is booming in India and abroad, driving demand for automatic milk powder weighing and packaging machines. Nichrome is India’s leading provider of integrated packaging solutions offering a gamut of packaging machines, filling systems and turnkey projects for the dairy industry. Partner with Nichrome to find the best, most cost-efficient milk powder packaging machine for your business. Nichrome can also help with secondary packaging solutions, and integration with existing systems.